SaaS Data Backup for MSPs: Top Business Drivers

Do you remember what was like to work from home when you needed to run to a doctor’s appointment or just wait for the cable company to come in and fix your TV? You'd access emails from the web, having to save the main files you’d be updating that day to the desktop or an external drive so you could continue the work. And there was the anxiety prior to uploading a presentation you needed to share with co-workers, hoping it wasn’t too heavy for the email, or else you’d need to find an external web transfer service—hoping the data was somehow safe.

Author: Paul Griffin, product marketing manager, Continuum
Author: Paula Griffin, product marketing manager, Continuum

With the introduction of software as a service solutions (SaaS), such as Office 365 and G Suite, it’s become easier to access emails, edit files and share them with colleagues—in fact, work simultaneously on the same project, no matter where you are. According to the 2018 Cloud Security Adoption Report, developed by Bitglass, 56.3% of global companies have adopted Office 365 and approximately 25% have chosen G Suite as their preferred SaaS, showing the rapid growth of cloud-based tools for every-day tasks and team collaboration.

What This Means for MSPs

But with this great convenience and effectiveness, bring caution! As SMBs move critical data to SaaS tools, MSPs need to be proactive and ensure clients’ confidential information is still protected the same way they are on premises. Relying on service providers can be problematic as they don’t provide comprehensive backup and flexible recovery capabilities, leaving your customers exposed to valuable data loss caused by human error and inside threats or vulnerable to cyberattacks. It is even stated in the Microsoft Office 365 Services Agreement that they highly recommend regular backup of content and data stored on the Services or to use a third-party provider to store the data.

As a trusted advisor to your clients, it’s important you have a plan in place for every time they decide to do an important IT move to keep up with their company needs and market trends. Are you already doing your clients’ SaaS backup? Are you prepared in case an SMB suffers a successful phishing attack? Do you have the right solution to recover all client’s applications in a few minutes, instead of hours or days, reducing their downtime?

What is Recover For Saas?

Because the right answer to these questions are important to your clients’ business, we’re excited to introduce you to our newest addition to the family: Recover For SaaS, Continuum’s easy-to-use SaaS backup for MSPs that keeps SaaS data safe and quickly accessible, reducing chances of data loss and maintaining work efficiency. This is an all-in-one user-friendly tool that requires three simple steps to set up, maintains data secured and, the best part, has a unique search algorithm that allows you to find and restore data in seconds.

Recover For SaaS offers the broadest coverage for MSPs in the market, including the full Office 365 workload such as SharePoint lists, metadata and permissions, Microsoft Teams as well as G Suite and It also has a daily automated backup from once to up to six times a day, customizable retention to support different needs, tamper-proof capability providing extra protection and point-in-time browsing, preview and restore, allowing most recovery jobs to be completed in less than 3 minutes.

With the recent news that a ransomware gang has breached the infrastructure of several MSPs and then used the remote management tools at these MSPs, it's even more evident how important it is to backup SaaS data and protect clients.

As SMBs are moving data to the cloud, you need to ensure their data is safe. Show your clients you’re ready for what’s next when it comes to SaaS backup and recovery.

To learn more about how to keep your clients safe in the cloud, watch our on-demand webinar, SaaS Data Backup - Why MSPs Should Care!

By Paula Griffin is product marketing manager at Continuum, which provides a fully managed solution trusted by 6,000 MSPs. Read more Continuum blogs here.