Password Horror Stories: Got One?

Passwords are the bane of many an MSP’s existence. According to IT Glue’s Global MSP Benchmark Report, over 50% of survey respondents do not know how their customers manage their passwords. Among those that do know, the responses are actually kind of frightening. For example, 34% of respondents acknowledge that their clients sometimes record passwords on Post-It notes.

Author: IT Glue’s Joshua Oakes
Author: IT Glue's Joshua Oakes

Hackers love this. Post-Its, sending passwords via email, and other practices open the door for all sorts of security breaches, and the costs are truly scary.

The way we see it, password issues are such a problem that every MSP must have a password horror story or two. The CEO, who has access to everything, uses the same password for all the company’s apps. The CFO uses her son’s name as a password for the accounting software. Maybe the horror story isn’t even about a client, but someone you’ve worked with. A senior tech, for example, who should know better, emails a password to the on-site tech in order to save time.

We want to hear some of your password horror stories. There’s got to be some egregious ones. Get it off your chest. Tell us one of your worst, most truly mortifying password horror stories and you’ll be entered to win one of our coveted Document or Die t-shirts.

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Joshua Oakes is a content writer at IT Glue, which develops documentation software for MSPs. Read all IT Glue blogs here.