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Posts by IT Glue

How to Use Documentation to Improve HR and Administration Efficiency

MSPs with the highest level of documentation maturity eliminate waste in all areas of their company. Here’s how to extend documentation beyond the IT service desk to address HR and administration functions.

How to Use Documentation to Ace Audits

MSPs face increased regulatory burdens. From SOC 2 certification to HIPAA in the healthcare vertical to GDPR in Europe, many MSPs need to demonstrate compliance. Here’s where documentation fits in.

MSP Exit Strategy: Are You in the Golden Quintile?

Only 20 percent of business owners will successfully sell & exit their companies, unlocking their financial assets for retirement. Want a golden ticket? Follow these MSP exit strategy preparation tips from IT Glue.

The ROI of Business Process Documentation

Through proper business documentation, MSPs can unlock thousands of dollars in efficiencies while rolling out new technologies to customers — and boosting monthly recurring revenue (MRR) along the way. IT Glue explains how.

Password Management for Small Business: 5 MSP Requirements

How can small businesses adopt password management best practices without compromising security? IT Glue points to these five MSP requirements.

4 Easy Ways to Start Competitive Benchmarking Today

It’s time for MSPs to embrace competitive benchmarking — the process of learning about your peers, competitors, what’s working & what’s not working in the managed services industry. IT Glue explains first steps.

How to Write Great MSP Process Documentation

If your MSP is having trouble creating quality process documentation, that’s normal. Instead of abandoning the effort, implement these documentation fundamentals from IT Glue to potentially see immediate results.

MSP Business Models: Current State vs Desired State

For many MSPs, the current state of business involves competing on price. Here’s how to shift to the desired state & differentiate on services, according to IT Glue.

Nine Trends to Watch for MSPs in 2018

These nine macro-level trends will influence managed services providers (MSPs) throughout the year, IT Glue predicts. Here’s why.