Introducing: Custom Actionable Alerts

Tired of searching for data, like unused licenses, expiring services or out-of-date firmware that needs updating (and sometimes still coming up empty-handed)?

Author: Michelle Saway, Liongard
Author: Michelle Sawa, director of product research, Liongard

Horrified by shrinking profit margins spent digging for that same info across multiple customer environments, when you could be using your valuable time to better serve them?

Worried about missing out on important information because you just ran out of time to look it up?

What if you had all the answers, right in front of you, exactly when you need them? What if you could stop digging and finally start digging in?

That dream has become a reality as Liongard unleashes one of  our most powerful capabilities to date: Custom Actionable Alerts.

It’s all right there in the name, so let’s break it down:

  • Custom. Because every MSP has different customers with different needs, YOU decide and customize what critical data you need to mind. You’re the expert.
  • Actionable. You’re not just getting an overload of info to further analyze—you’re getting insights and actionable steps written by you for your staff to take action right away.
  • Alerts. The answers you need come to YOU before a situation becomes a fire drill for your team and a concern for your client. You’re now in control, with alerts that help you prioritize critical tasks and increase the efficiency of you and your staff.

Now, you can set an alert on anything across the systems Liongard inspects to pinpoint exactly what changes and thresholds you want to track. Issues your team used to have to log in to multiple portals to monitor, can now trigger tickets automatically to your PSA. Critical changes that you might otherwise be unaware of, or late to address, can now be brought to your attention before they become embarrassing oversights. All you have to do is ask Roar!

MSP Process Improvements

Expect this to be a game-changer across your MSP, with benefits to processes like:

Onboarding: Identify domain and license expirations at the get-go and solve those problems for your new customer before it ever becomes a fire your team has to put out.

Billing: Demonstrate immediate value and save your clients money by proactively identifying excess Office 365 licenses, including tenants with unused licenses and users with multiple licenses (such as Exchange E3, Exchange E5 and Business Premium). Alerts for these common licensing problems let you stay on top of your customers’ spend with ease.


  • Audit privileged users in Active Directory where the Domain Functional Level doesn’t match the OS build year (such as DFL of 2008 on a 2012 Server).
  • Set an alert for Duo users in bypass mode or when Office 365 admin accounts do not have MFA enabled, to address security best practices with your customers.
  • Easily monitor and mitigate security breaches, by setting an alert when Bitdefender detects malware or when the signature database is out-of-date.

MSP Team Benefits

Join Us: Liongard webinar on Custom Actionable Alerts

In addition to enhancing your processes, using Custom Actionable Alerts from Liongard has the power to impact your entire MSP team:

  • Owners, you’ll increase margin by freeing up engineers, allowing you to scale and differentiate your MSP with the latest in automation, using proactive alerts to deliver on your promises to your customers.
  • Security Engineers, you’ll worry less and work more efficiently when you set up alerts for critical systems to monitor misconfigurations and potential vulnerabilities across the stack, without having to constantly log in to multiple vendor portals.
  • Support Technicians, you’ll know what needs your attention immediately and lower your time to resolution when you set alerts for the data you want to monitor.
  • Sales, you’ll be able to demonstrate immediate value by identifying duplicate or unnecessary expenses within a prospect’s system.
  • And everyone, think of the added efficiency to your workday and the reduction of frustration, making your job more enjoyable and productive.

Our unified visibility just got more flexible, more powerful and more valuable for your MSP with Custom Actionable Alerts. Stop digging for data — and start digging in. Check out our Custom Actionable Alerts Webinar to see just how much this feature will transform your MSP. Then, start using Custom Actionable Alerts from Liongard today to increase efficiencies and scale your operations.

Author Michelle Sawa is director of product research at Liongard. Read more Liongard guest blogs here.