How to Use Automation to Onboard New MSP Customers

Author: Michelle Sawa, director of product research, Liongard
Author: Michelle Sawa, director of product research, Liongard

You’ve just signed a new customer—it’s a beautiful thing, and something to celebrate. Does that victory for the business quickly turn into dread for your onboarding team? We’ve heard time and time again how laborious and time-consuming onboarding new customers is for MSPs that aren’t using automation to help. And you’re not alone:

  • The collecting, uploading and/or syncing of data into a system of record ranks as the top repetitive task workers would most like to see automated. (Source: Smartsheet survey)
  • Approximately 10% to 20% of human work hours are spent on dull, repetitive computer tasks. (Source: Software Testing and Big Data Hadoop)

Onboarding with Liongard

Using automation, Liongard helps establish baselines for a customer’s systems across the stack—an important step in the new customer relationship. By performing fast user audits on systems like Microsoft 365 and Active Directory with Liongard’s simple exports, MSPs can understand who has access, what licenses sit unused, which users need to be deactivated, and more.

This deep visibility from the start sets the stage for standardized processes and greater efficiency; and with Liongard’s 40+ inspectors discovering and documenting prospects’ systems during the sales phase, many MSPs find that half the work is already done when it comes time to onboard.

Once baselines have been established and the initial clean-up happens, Liongard continues inspecting systems daily, sending alerts if anything changes—like if new privileged users are added or critical system changes were made. From there, the automation continues, providing up-to-date documentation of systems in the cloud, apps and services, networks and endpoints.

Some of our customers recently chimed in about how Liongard’s automation has helped them slash the length of their onboarding processes:

“We timed it recently. It took 50 minutes.”

“A small client without servers takes about 15 minutes. Bigger clients with servers take more like 1-2 hours, depending on what is out there (AD/SQL, etc.).”

“I can do it in an hour provided I have all the credentials.”

What’s the ROI?

The true ROI for automating the discovery and documentation of systems is the time savings—both at the start of the customer relationship and throughout its duration. Saving time (and thus, money) lays the foundation for stronger client management.

Speeding up the onboarding process through automation also lets you:

  • Impress your customers from the start with your efficiency, accuracy and the advanced technology your MSP employs to protect their data.
  • Bolster morale by minimizing the manual tasks that your techs loathe.
  • Stay ahead of other MSPs still manually onboarding customers
  • Spend more time on valuable, revenue-generating activities like sales, providing proactive support and having more in-depth QBRs.

With Liongard’s multi-faceted value—not just for onboarding, but also managed services, troubleshooting, billing and more—as well as a flexible pricing structure, our customers find the software quickly pays for itself many times over. To learn more about what your return on automating onboarding with Liongard looks like, request a demo.

Author Michelle Sawa is director of product research at Liongard. Read more guest blogs from Liongard here.