Encryption is an Essential Tool in the “New Normal”

Matt Scully, channel chief, Mailprotector
Author: Matt Scully, channel chief, Mailprotector

Business communication has not changed much over the past few years. While many organizations now leverage VoIP and mobility devices instead of traditional phones and use a variety of instant messaging tools to keep up with co-workers, email remains the primary methodology for transmitting important information. These systems allow people to send and receive messages from any computer with an internet connection anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

Email continues to be the most reliable and cost-effective form of communication for business. Virtually everyone knows how to create, send, and receive messages, from elementary school students to great-grandparents, and there are several inexpensive platforms available to make that happen.

Of course, as with any technology, email also has its downsides. Cybercriminals often use these systems to trick users into downloading malware (i.e., links to bad sites, infected attachments) or respond to spoof messages with valuable personal or company information.

With virtually everyone using email as their primary means of communication, it makes sense that cybercriminals would invest most of their time and effort attempting to exploit these platforms. Those attacks come in many shapes today, from phishing and spoofing to the latest spear-phishing and business email compromise (BEC) schemes. Despite all the educational programs and push to raise awareness of these ploys, many people still fall for the ruse, contributing to the nearly $100 billion companies lose annually to cyber-attacks. According to a recent study by Coalition Insurance, more than 54% of those financial costs are due to email-related compromises.

Provide the Strongest Protections

Between increased regulations and changing industry standards, and continually evolving workplaces, organizations struggle with data privacy and security. A strong defensive posture is essential for every organization today, no matter where their information resides, but the increase in remote work makes that a real challenge for MSPs.

How can you best protect your clients’ data outside their corporate firewalls? What about PII and other sensitive or proprietary information workers share through emails or instant messaging? Encryption is an MSP’s best option.

There is simply no better way to secure data in transit. With multi-layer AES256 encryption and two-factor authentication, unauthorized individuals cannot see or access the documents and information your clients’ employees send to others. With so many people working from home and collaborating with co-workers, they need an easy and secure way to share information freely between locations.

Success Requires User-Friendly Solutions

Traditional email encryption methodologies force most users outside their comfort zones. Those technologies also require recipients to jump through hoops, learning complicated processes for accepting and opening encoded messages and remembering their credentials to log in and download the information. No one wants to do that … and many won’t.

While encryption may not seem complicated to tech-savvy individuals, some will purposely avoid using these solutions whenever possible. Conventional offerings are not very user-friendly. That makes life difficult for the MSPs charged with implementing, providing training, and supporting these solutions, as well as the management teams that rely on company-wide adoption to meet industry and regulatory compliance requirements.

No one wants their usually easy email processes to become complicated, especially those on the receiving end who rarely get sensitive messages. Multi-step decoding instructions are a big disincentive to adoption.

Mailprotector’s Bracket email encryption and file-sharing solutions are the exceptions. Sending and receiving is simple, with zero compromises in security ̶ multi-layer AES256 encryption and two-factor authentication keep email messages away from prying eyes. Give your clients the protection they need in a solution that encourages end-user adoption. Both senders and recipients appreciate simplicity.

This revolutionary patented technology allows employees to send encrypted messages from any email client using any device just by wrapping the subject in brackets. Recipients simply click a link to receive the secure message. No logins, plugins, software, or apps to download.

Cybersecurity protection shouldn’t be difficult for MSPs to deploy or for end-users to utilize. Why compromise? Offer your clients encryption solutions to protect sensitive data with minimal effort and save your team (and theirs) many headaches in the process.

Author Matt Scully is channel chief at Mailprotector. Read more guest blogs from Mailprotector here.