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Why Layered Security Solutions are Essential to Cloud Success

Your clients should never rely solely on the basic protections from Microsoft, Google, and other cloud platforms. Layers are key to security.

Three Ways to Amplify Your Cybersecurity Voice for Prospective Clients

Here are three tips to get your clients and prospects thinking about threats – and increase the revenue of your cybersecurity practice.

9 Key MSP Cybersecurity Requirements for 2021

Mailprotector highlights the nine core cybersecurity offerings that should be in every MSP’s tool set for 2021.

Are Your Channel Partnerships Truly Win-Win?

Channel alliances should be mutually beneficial relationships that create winning situations for everyone – vendor, partner and client.

MSPs Must Take a Bolder Cybersecurity Stance

The best way for MSPs to protect their clients from the latest threats is to build a bolder and more powerful cybersecurity practice.

MSPs Must Strengthen the Human Element in Cybersecurity

Human error triggers up to 60% of breaches or cyberattacks. Here’s how MSPs can mitigate that SMB customer risk, Mailprotector says.

Six Sure-Fire 2021 Predictions for the MSP Community

Mailprotector Channel Chief Matt Scully offers six MSP business and technology predictions for 2021.

Encryption is an Essential Tool in the “New Normal”

How MSPs can leverage encryption to protect against phishing, spoofing, spear-phishing & business email compromises. Mailprotector explains.

4 Tips to Ensure Your Clients Take Cybersecurity Seriously

MSPs must overcome misperceptions and stubborn attitudes towards cybersecurity to keep their clients safe.

7 Must-Have Solutions to Prevent Data Loss in a WFH World

The Work From Home (WFH) movement isn’t going away. Mailprotector Channel Chief Matt Scully explains how MSPs can plan accordingly for the long haul.