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Posts by Mailprotector

7 Must-Have Solutions to Prevent Data Loss in a WFH World

The Work From Home (WFH) movement isn’t going away. Mailprotector Channel Chief Matt Scully explains how MSPs can plan accordingly for the long haul.

How MSPs Can Help Customers Adapt to New Norms

What can the travel industry teach MSPs about adapting to the new normal of COVID-19? Mailprotector’s Matt Scully explains.

User-Friendly Solutions Strengthen Cybersecurity Adoption

Mailprotector’s Matt Scully explains how MSPs can overcome burnout and adoption challenges in the cybersecurity sector.

How Personal Branding Can Drive New MSP Business Opportunities

Mailprotector’s channel chief Matt Scully explains how personal branding can drive new MSP business opportunities.

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss When it Comes to Cybercrime

Mailprotector’s Matt Scully explains emerging cybersecurity and malware risks that many businesses overlook. MSPs need to step up with protective measures.

Lessons Learned from Starting a New Channel Role During a Pandemic

Q&A: Mailprotector’s new Channel Chief Matt Scully on taking a new role in a pandemic, virtual onboarding and his priorities for the company going forward.

The Age of Leadership in the Channel

Here are 10 habits for effective leadership as MSPs & tech companies chart their next moves, according to Mailprotector, GetChanneled and Ted Roller.

The Bigger MSP Picture

What is the primary role of an MSP? The answer extends beyond business & technology — and ultimately involves community. Mailprotector’s Ted Roller explains why.

Deliver Managed IT Services with Grace

Now, more than ever, managed IT services providers (MSPs) must display customer empathy. Here’s how, according to Mailprotector’s Mark Glowacz.

Memo to MSPs: Take Vertical Action

MSPs with a strong vertical focus are weathering the storm fairly well. Mailprotector’s Ted Roller offers this plan to add vertical lift to your business.