Embrace Automation to Elevate Your Team


Time spent on office minutia means you’re not out innovating and growing your business. Plus, you’re likely not enjoying all the fringe benefits of owning your own business. If you find yourself constantly hovering around the office, caught up in helping your employees take care of cumbersome day-to-day issues, it’s time to set aside the time to focus on automating.

Far from being a job-stealing apocalypse to be feared, automation actually makes human labor more valuable than ever. Service-oriented positions dominate the list of fastest-growing jobs in the United States, proving that personalized service is a luxury that isn’t going anywhere.

Author: Shawn Sailer
Author: Shawn Sailer is VP of managed services strategy at Liongard.

For MSPs, a technology stack must include a PSA and an RMM for automation that addresses process workflow and end-point automation. However, the cloud stack that MSPs support are a mix of solutions that require escalation to your Level 3 techs. The Liongard Roar automation platform  reduces the inefficiencies of Level 3 escalation and allows your Level 1 support staff the visibility needed to address issues more quickly—thus exceeding customer expectations and contributing much more value to your company through personal customer interactions and complex problem solving.

Roar offers the most elite support tier, “Level 4,” by providing automation of tasks that slow your team down: onboarding, discovery, documentation, and tracking down changes when they occur.  Across platforms and customers, this combination of must-have MSP technology changes the game for MSPs—elevating your valued employees to perform to their maximum capabilities, increasing productivity, and liberating you from the confines of your office.

Benefits of Automation Beyond the PSA and RMM

Implementing Roar’s automation has numerous benefits for your MSP:

  1. It’s always “on.” Our software doesn't take lunch breaks or vacation. It’s always running, updating and assessing data. We’re the MSP’s Level 4 tech.
  2. It’s accessible on-the-go. Maintain control wherever you are and delegate tasks to staff even when you’re not in the office. You can finally enjoy the perks of being your own boss.
  3. It’s accurate. Roar’s process automation eliminates human errors and can also readily detect when something is wrong.
  4. It maximizes your human resources. You didn’t hire skilled IT professionals to input data and manually check for issues all day long. Roar frees them up to work on more complex tasks, adding value to your company.
  5. It increases employee satisfaction. Retaining true talent in this industry can be difficult, especially when they feel underused or undervalued. Applying Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, you can help your staff meet their higher-level needs like esteem and self-actualization by automating mundane and repetitive tasks, thereby providing them the opportunity to grow and take on new challenges. When this happens, employees will come to work energized, satisfied and ready to problem solve.

The fact is, automation is almost everywhere—and it’s been helping individuals and businesses become more efficient and profitable for many, many years. When you don’t automate, you run the risk of being left behind by those who do. So, are you content with the status quo…or are you ready to Roar?

Learn more about how automation like ROAR can elevate your workforce.

Author Shawn Sailer is VP of managed services strategy at Liongard. Read more Liongard blogs here.