Elevate Your MSP Business: Advanced Security, Simplified Management and Boosted Profits

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In this ever-evolving digital world, MSPs face a unique set of challenges. They must provide clients with comprehensive security services, maintain cost-effectiveness and minimize overhead. At the same time, they need to ensure that the vendors and solutions they choose to work with don’t require a massive investment and training effort.

This checklist will help you to identify a solution that addresses all these challenges, enabling you to provide your clients with industry-leading data backup and cybersecurity solutions — without losing yourself to tool sprawl and overcomplexity.

When assessing your options for cyber protection delivery, look for solutions that:

  • Simplify management for greater efficiency

One of the key factors for MSPs’ success lies in the simplification of management. As cyberthreats surge and workplaces become more distributed, service providers are actively adding new solutions to their stack to enable new capabilities. But this approach threatens to add as many problems as it solves — more tools means more complexity, and many disparate solutions from competing vendors do not integrate smoothly together.

By looking for solutions that integrate backup, disaster recovery (DR), remote monitoring and management (RMM) and security, it’s possible to deliver consolidated, intuitive cyber protection from a single pane of glass. This unified approach reduces complexity and streamlines management, enabling you to offer comprehensive security and management services to your clients with minimal resources and training.

  • Fortify protection against advanced cyberthreats

Advanced cyberthreats are a major concern for businesses of all sizes. The rise of automation and AI chatbots have fueled an explosive rise in phishing messages and malware generation. Your clients rely on you to protect their data and systems from these threats, and traditional methods— like simple email filtering and signature-based threat detection — aren’t enough to get the job done.

The optimal solution? An AI-driven cybersecurity and endpoint detection & response (EDR) system designed to secure clients' data against a wide range of threats — no significant reskilling or training needed. This proactive protection against ransomware, data breaches and other cyberattacks is essential for staying ahead of evolving threats and ensuring business continuity for your clients (and your own business).

  • Provide services without straining resources or budgets

Investing in a solution that doesn't rely on appliances will yield cost-effective and flexible pricing options for businesses of all sizes. A pay-as-you-go model helps control unnecessary expenditures by ensuring that you (and your clients) only pay for resources used, offering you a competitive edge. This model supports infinite scalability and cost predictability, allowing you to grow your businesses, reach new markets and maximize profits without upfront investment.

  • Integrate to reduce complexity and administration

Ideally, you’ll want any new solution to work smoothly alongside the tools you already rely on. Look for ones that offer integrated support for a wide range of popular Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools. This approach enables you to benefit from advanced security features while maintaining your existing workflows — reducing complexity and administrative demands while freeing up staff and resources for core service delivery.

  • Expand your service portfolio to increase revenue

Businesses of all sizes industries are increasingly dependent on digital operations and cloud services. For MSPs, the growth potential is enormous.

To boost your revenue and margins, consider a solution that combines backup, cybersecurity, endpoint management and other advanced services into one integrated package. With new features easily enabled by the click of a mouse, this approach delivers significant cost and efficiency savings and enables you to broaden your service portfolio, meeting a wider range of potential client needs. You can also upsell existing clients on new services, adding revenue streams with near-zero marketing expenditures.

  • Cultivate a true partnership

Look for a vendor that invests in your success. Comprehensive solution training and market-leading vendor support are a must, while out-of-the-box marketing resources can help you to communicate your value to clients and generate new revenue. This level of support helps you to focus less on the minutia of daily operations, and more on differentiating yourself from the competition.

A supportive partnership can be a game-changer for growth-oriented MSPs, and your clients too will reap the benefits.


Today’s MSPs need a solution that not only simplifies service management through integration, but also offers advanced protection against ever-evolving cyberthreats.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud  embodies these principles, ensuring you can deliver comprehensive services to your clients without compromising on quality or security. Simplify management, fortify protection and boost profits — all while cultivating a genuine partnership that supports your growth.

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