Convergence and the Future of Your IT Business

Staying ahead of the IT industry is no small feat. Your needs, and the needs of your clients, are in constant flux as new software and technologies are developed that push our capabilities even further. Not just keeping up with shifts, but being able to proactively solve for future needs, requires a new way of looking at our industry, and a paradigm shift when it comes to how you run your business.

The key to this shift? Overcoming what we call convergence confusion—the overwhelming feeling that there are too many players on a crowded field, when the truth is that opportunities have never been greater.

What is Convergence?

All of the services a business relies on—everything from radio to phone lines and cable—used to have their own dedicated lines and service technicians. But as Internet usage, the Cloud, and movements like the Internet of Things have taken hold, all of those once-separate services are coming together on a single superhighway of necessary business services. Even television has become an Internet thing—I don’t watch regular television anymore, because the Internet version has better options for my interests and lifestyle.

As companies aim to transform into digital businesses with accompanying digital strategies, they have to understand the impact of convergence, and what it means for their individual companies and our industry as a whole.

Coming Together

A previous state of fragmentation had users and companies used to multiple screens, devices, and programs to manage their business and personal needs. As convergence brings everything together into single access points, businesses can deliver deeper, fuller services for clients. The kind of seamless service possible when companies embrace convergence opens up a whole new world of opportunities for growth.

Convergence & the Internet of Things

The truth is that while convergence seems to have created a more crowded, more competitive industry, it is actually opening up a wealth of new opportunities for technology solution providers. As solutions come together, the demand for technology support will continue to grow. Everyone was worried about the transition to the Cloud, but companies have continued to prosper and now there are more applications and devices than ever.

What you can do: streamline your business and prepare yourself to take advantage of the opportunities. Start with a set of solutions powered by a holistic service experience that enables you to do just that—the ConnectWise Business Suite.

Planning for the Future

Because the success of our partners defines our own success, ConnectWise is always planning 2-3 years ahead of the current market. We work hard to understand what solution providers need most, and what trends they can bank on for the future. That’s why the ConnectWise Business Suite is designed to provide innovative new solutions and best practices around chat, user centric billing, cloud migration, and even marketing.

What you can do: Start concentrating on specialization. Convergence doesn’t mean too much competition, it means too much opportunity. Now is the time to create other practice areas and redefine your business to meet the needs of your clients. Focus on streamlining your business, operating off of best practices, and taking this opportunity to grow.

The ConnectWise Business Suite gets you there. Solve problems proactively, and apply our philosophy of solving for the future. We’re innovating constantly to meet future needs, and our suite of solutions gives you the support you need to do the same.


Craig Fulton is general manager of Business Suite at ConnectWise. Read more ConnectWise blogs here.