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At Datto, we’re always looking to provide more tips and information to enable MSPs to deliver the best managed IT services possible. This can range from the latest information to help them fight ransomware or MSPeasy tips to bolster all aspects of their company. As we head into February, we wanted to take a look back at some of the most popular content for MSPs over the past month:

  • IT Staffing Made MSPeasy: Hiring top-quality tech talent isn’t an easy task. To aid in the in the process, we spoke with top MSPs to learn how they have found success growing their technical staff. We share top sources to find quality employees, how to identify a good candidate, everything you need to know about interviews, and more. If you’re looking to start growing your team, this eBook is for you!
  • Video: 4 Tips For Hiring Quality IT Staff At Your MSP: In our premiere episode of the Business Made MSPeasy video series we discuss how MSPs can identify and hire quality tech talent. Stay tuned for more in this video series offering quick and dirty tips for MSPs from, MSPs.
  • Datto’s State of the Channel Ransomware Report: Datto surveyed over 1,000 MSPs about ransomware and published the key findings in this report. Our goal was to help MSPs and their customers better understand the impact ransomware is having on all types of businesses. This report offers the channel’s perspective on the state of this growing epidemic and what can be done to stop it. You’ll find everything from statistics and forecasts on ransomware, to the impact it has on businesses, the dominant strains of ransomware, the leading causes of a successful attack, and best practices and solutions for protecting businesses from an attack.
  • The Business Guide to Ransomware: 2016 was a banner year for ransomware. This malware threat has gone from a niche issue to a major threat affecting all types of businesses across the globe. This eBook offers an overview of ransomware, how malware is spread, and preventative measures to protect businesses of all types.

For more content like this, check out Datto’s resource library. If you’re looking for some new content, sign up for the upcoming webinar: 7 Habits of Highly Effective MSPs. This webinar is the perfect follow-up piece to the eBook above. Join Alec Stanners, Channel Engagement Manager at Datto, on February 21st to start optimizing your business. Alec will be joined by a panel of best-in-class MSPs to cover actionable tips and tricks for growing your business in a market of constant change. If you can’t join us on February 21st, you can request an on-demand recording. Sign up today!

Peter Rawlinson is chief marketing officer at Datto. Read more Datto guest blogs here.



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