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Evergreen is the leading acquirer of MSPs in North America. Founded in 2017, over 50 MSP business owners have trusted Evergreen as a home for their business. Evergreen’s unique buy-and-hold strategy ensures that employees and customers will have a long-term home and the legacy of the business will be preserved. Evergreen also operates MSP Valuations, where MSP owners get a free estimate of the value of their business.

What We Offer Business Owners

  • A permanent home – we hold our companies indefinitely and don’t flip them
  • We focus on employee retention and long-term growth over cost-cutting and short-term profits
  • Efficient sale process – we close acquisitions within 60 days of signing a letter of intent (LOI)
  • Cash-heavy deal structures that minimize earnouts or seller financing
  • Opportunity to reinvest sale proceeds into Evergreen in select situations

Investment Criteria

  • Minimum of $500k of EBITDA
  • Minimum of 50% recurring revenue (managed services + recurring product sales)

What Business Owners Say

  • “After owning and running my MSP business for 29 years, I decided it was time to step away. But my business was my baby, and I didn’t feel comfortable with the plans potential buyers had for my baby/business. Then I met Evergreen Services Group. Not only was Evergreen’s enterprise value and deal structure on target, but I also found a permanent home for my business – one that I felt really good about – and one that benefited me, my employees, and our clients. I was able to place my business into capable leadership hands. I have remained engaged with Evergreen post-sale, and I have seen my baby/business continue to grow and thrive with Evergreen’s support.” -Lloyd Wolf, Founder, Wolf Consulting
  • “The entire sale process with Evergreen was easy and painless. Everything that was said to me before and during the process rang true after and now over two years following close. The People First approach of Evergreen was huge. I’m a big believer in my team and wanted to be sure I could continue supporting them as well as have the flexibility to make things work for multiple owners.” Dan Edwards, Founder & CEO, Pact-One Solutions
  • “We met with a number of buyers and we did not feel comfortable that we had found the right fit until we met the folks at Evergreen. It was important to us to find a home that would not be flipping our business in 3-7 years and we wanted to ensure that our clients and employees would continue to be treated in a similar manner to what we had provided over the past 30+ years. The highest compliment that I can give to Evergreen/NetGain is that they have delivered on what they promised to us during the acquisition process and we truly feel like they care about us as previous owners of the business.” Lisa Mitchell, Founder & CEO, Progressive Computer Systems

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Get A Free Business Valuation Now: MSP Valuations

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