Friday’s Exit Strategy: Why Private Equity Firms Acquire MSPs


The Video Above: Why are private equity companies acquiring MSPs (managed services providers)? Evergreen Services Group Head of M&A Ramsey Sahyoun provides answers in the interview above with ChannelE2E.

The InvestorEvergreen Services Group, backed by a private equity investment firm, has acquired 13 MSPs (managed services providers) so far in 2018. The company’s overall war chest at the start of 2018 was about $100 million — so more deals are likely coming.

In the Part One conversation above we cover:

  1. Evergreen Services Group’s focus and Ramsey’s role.
  2. How the firm is funded.
  3. Why private equity is attracted to MSPs

Coming Soon: Parts Two and Three

LinkedIn: Evergreen Service Group Head of M&A Ramsey Sayhoun

Check back on the following dates for parts two and three of this interview.

Coming Friday, November 23 – Part Two:

  1. What key KPIs does Evergreen Services Group value most when examining an MSP?
  2. What makes a potentially good cultural fit for an acquisition?
  3. What yellow flags or red flags does Evergreen Services Group look for when evaluating an MSP?

Coming Friday, November 30 – Part Three:

  1. How many MSP investments has Evergreen Service Group made in 2018, roughly?
  2. Do existing CEOs typically run the acquired MSPs post-buyout/investment?
  3. What are some of the first moves Evergreen Services Group makes after acquiring the MSP? 

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    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Folks: Just a quick heads up… We’ll be posting an updated video soon that raises Ramsey’s volume. Sorry for the sound imbalance in the meantime. And thanks again to Ramsey for the interview.


    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Folks: As promised sound is not fixed. Ramsey is now available in stereo surround sound 😉

    Thanks for viewing and visiting ChannelE2E.

    Adam B:


    Are you going to post the third installment?


    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Adam,

    Sorry I dropped the ball on this. Thanks for the reminder. I’m traveling but the video is recorded. We’ll strive to post on Friday, May 3.


    Adam B:


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