Webroot Beta Tests Automated False Positive Windows Fix for MSPs

Michael Malloy

Webroot on Tuesday began beta testing an automated fix for the false positive Windows issue that has impacted some MSPs' customer machines since Monday.

Amid the ongoing work to finalize and roll out that automated fix, Webroot Executive VP Products & Strategy Michael Malloy has sent a memo to registered MSP admins. In it, he apologizes for the issue and offers an update on Webroot's push to rectify the issue.

The memo reads:

Yesterday morning at 11:52 am MT, some good applications were mistakenly categorized as malware. This has created many false positives across the affected systems and has resulted in those applications being quarantined and unable to function. We recognize that we have not met the expectations of our customers, and are committed to resolving this complex issue as quickly as possible.

Webroot is making progress on a resolution, and our entire organization is dedicated to addressing this issue. We will update you with latest information on our Community and Blog. In the meantime,
  • Affected customers should not uninstall the product or delete quarantine, as this will make quarantined files unrecoverable.
  • We have corrected the false positives in our backend systems, and we are working on an automated fix to reverse the false positives on endpoints.
  • Customers should ensure that endpoints are on and connected to the Internet to receive a resolution. Once files have been removed from quarantine, some endpoints may require rebooting.

Those who wish to address the issue manually should follow the instructions posted on Webroot Support.

We are conducting a thorough technical review to ensure we have a complete understanding of the root cause.  Once our analysis is complete, your Webroot account representatives will discuss the findings in greater detail with you.

We apologize for the pain this has caused you and your customers. Webroot appreciates your business, and our entire team is dedicated to being your most trusted partner.  We did not live up to that in this situation, but we are taking the actions to earn your trust going forward.

Mike Malloy
Executive VP Product & Strategy

Webroot Beta Testing Automated Fix for False Positive

Updated April 26, 8:03 a.m. ET: Webroot was beta testing an automated fix for MSPs as of late April 25. An update on the company's message board reads:

"We created a comprehensive repair utility, and have successfully completed QA. We are currently rolling out the utility to a group of beta customers to ensure it works for our broader customer base. We expect to complete that work soon, and then will make it available incrementally to the entire customer base to ensure a successful deployment."

ChannelE2E will continue to update its coverage as more information becomes available.

Updated April 26, 1:04 p.m. ET: Webroot has released an automated fix for the issue.

Joe Panettieri

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