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Hospitality MSP Acquires WiFi Expert, Hotel Solutions Provider


Parity Technology Solutions, a hospitality technology company, is expanding its reach throughout the Americas and globally with a pair of acquisitions.

Parity, which already has operations in the United States and Canada, first acquired Hotspot International, a hotel “turnkey” solutions provider with services in Mexico, the US, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Parity also acquired LivePort Corporation, a provider of scalable, high-capacity WiFi networks, with offices in West Kelowna, British Columbia and Las Vegas, Nevada.

The terms of each deal was not disclosed.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Parity is a single-source, managed technology provider working in the hospitality, healthcare, retail center, and multi-dwelling markets. Previously, the company was known as Active Networks but rebranded itself in an effort to solidify its stance in the hospitality technology market.

Parity has expanded service into South America, the Caribbean, India, and Europe, and is set to open offices in China in January 2020. The company serves approximately 1,600 clients around the globe.

The Hotspot Deal

The acquisition of Hotspot International gives Parity the ability to leverage new platforms and provide a more efficient and secure network, as well as a better guest experience, the company said. Hubspot’s WiFi Tracking Function allows participating guests to receive special offers depending on their location on the property. This gives hotels reduced operating costs and increased sales, according to Parity. These features will soon be available to Parity’s customer base, the company said.

Orlando Phillips, president of Parity Technology Solutions, commented on the deal:

"Our acquisition of Hotspot International complements us perfectly. We wanted a company that was founded on honesty and reliability, has an established brand loyalty as evidenced by their major hotel certifications, and also provides us the opportunity to expand our presence in South and Central America."

Louis Miller, founder and CEO of Hotspot International, also commented:

"The industry is evolving away from segmented technology where multiple vendors deliver separate solutions. This siloed approach no longer works. It's costly and inefficient. The merger between Parity and Hotspot International drives our direction as a single-solution, single-point-of-contact provider. Our converged networks reduce operating costs to our hotel customers, provide greater efficiency, and seamlessly integrate all technology services."

Hotspot International will continue running in its own entity as a subsidiary of Parity Technology Solutions.

The LivePort Acquisition

Meanwhile, the acquisition of LivePort allows strengthens Parity's Canadian presence.

The company will leverage LivePort's established reputation as well as their provider certifications with major hotel brands, Parity said.

Parity has absorbed LivePort’s employees which will allow it to take on larger operations and transactions, the company said.