AVG Launches Managed Workplace 10: MSP Comeback?

Ryan Vallee
Ryan Vallee

AVG Technologies has launched Managed Workplace 10, an upgrade to the company's RMM (remote monitoring and management) platform for MSPs. In addition to the software upgrade, another interesting trend has emerged: AVG seems ready to speak more frequently about its MSP partner efforts and SMB channel strategy.

Managed Workplace 10 includes a "simplified service delivery platform that helps MSPs align SLAs with their service delivery models and get the onboarding process down to a few simple clicks," according to a spokesperson for AVG. "Additionally, it provides core RMM capabilities integrated with the service models that MSPs use to deliver security services."

You can find more product details are here. Frequent ChannelE2E readers know I'm not exactly a bits-and-bytes, speeds-and-feeds guy. Generally speaking, I'll defer to MSP opinions about the software platform.

Still, I do want to hear and learn about AVG's progress with Managed Workplace -- and I'm curious about the company's overall channel strategy. Toward that end, Senior Product Manager Ryan Vallee and I hope to connect in the next week or so (though my travel schedule is complicating the process). Vallee, by the way, is a SolarWinds N-able veteran who joined AVG in August 2014.

AVG's SMB Channel

AVG's SMB software business stumbled a bit in mid-2015, but the company says it took corrective action around the October timeframe to strengthen the management and channel team. Some of the challenges likely involved AVG's 2013 buyout of Level Platforms, the former parent of Managed Workplace.

While several rival RMM platforms have enjoyed double-digit growth over the past few years, it seems like AVG had some trouble understanding the overall MSP ecosystem and what partners required from Managed Workplace. Also, key MSP ecosystem leaders like Rob Rae and Dave Sobel exited Level Platforms for Datto and LogicNow.

Still, those 2013 departures are now distant memories. More recently, AVG has spent the past six months or so polishing its MSP and SMB partner strategy. During a February 2016 earnings call, AVG described progress on multiple fronts, though CEO John Little conceded that the SMB portion of the business still needed more time to gain momentum. And by March 2016, AVG emerged with several new partner program enhancements.

Next up? A potential check-in with Vallee for his views on Managed Workplace's progress.

Joe Panettieri

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