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TD Synnex Expands Google Cloud Offering to Almost 60 New Countries

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TD Synnex, a distribution heavy-hitter, has expanded its Google Cloud reach to almost 60 additional countries throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia.

The group first added Google Cloud products to its portfolio in May 2022. Expanding its cloud solution portfolio allowed users access to a suite of cloud computing services that businesses could use to enhance their productivity and workflow. The initial Google Cloud offering rollout included the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland and France.

This new expansion provides users in nearly 60 additional markets the same access. The services include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data analytics, infrastructure, collaboration and more.

TD Synnex’s Google Cloud Expansion: “A Tremendous Opportunity”

Sergio Farache, chief strategy officer, TD Synnex
Sergio Farache, chief strategy officer, TD Synnex

Sergio Farache, chief strategy officer, TD Synnex, commented:

"This is a tremendous opportunity to build on our global partnership with Google Cloud and expand our relationship to better serve these international markets, some of which did not have access to our solutions. TD Synnex has seen significant growth opportunities in these markets with our hyperscaler relationships, and expanding our availability to Google Cloud in these countries allows us to provide excellent scalability and services to meet existing needs."

Eric Buck, director of commercial partners and global distribution, Google Cloud, said:

"With more businesses around the globe moving along their digital transformation journeys, partners with knowledge and expertise in Google Cloud technologies play a key role in these companies’ successful migration to the cloud. By expanding its global support of Google Cloud offerings, TD SYNNEX is providing more organizations with greater access to the cloud experts and technologies they need to drive positive business outcomes in the cloud."