Surge in AI-integrated PC Shipments Predicted by 2025

Brain "AI" inside the chip logo representing ai tech.

By 2025, AI-integrated PCs are expected to make up 40% of global PC shipments, according to a new report by Canalys

The report, "Now and next for AI-capable PCs," forecasts a dramatic rise in the adoption of personal computers equipped with dedicated AI accelerators, such as Neural Processing Units (NPUs). 

This shift suggests we’re heading for another transformative period for the PC market, which the report’s authors say could enhance productivity, personalization, and power efficiency.

Detailed Market Forecast

Canalys' projections suggests a significant market transition, with AI-capable PCs anticipated to grow from 18% of total PC shipments in 2024 to 40% in 2025. 

The report outlines a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 44% for these shipments between 2024 and 2028, for a total of 205 million units by the end of the forecast period.

According to the analysts, this could have additional economic benefits, including a 10% to 15% price premium on AI-capable PCs over their non-AI counterparts. 

This premium is expected to drive a shift towards higher-value PCs, particularly in the commercial sector. 

By 2028, AI-capable models are predicted to represent over 80% of PCs priced at US$800 and above, significantly increasing the overall market value from US$225 billion in 2024 to over US$270 billion by 2028, according to the report.

Impact on User Experience and Economic Implications

Ishan Dutt, principal analyst, Canalys, commented:

"The wider availability of AI-accelerating silicon in personal computing will be transformative, leading to over 150 million AI-capable PCs shipping through to the end of 2025. PCs with dedicated on-device AI capabilities will enable new and improved user experiences, driving productivity gains and personalizing devices at scale while offering better power efficiency, stronger security, and reduced costs associated with running AI workloads."