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Splunk Launches IT Monitoring Platform: Insights for Infrastructure


Segmented data can make managing complex and hybrid IT infrastructures difficult. Comparing data between the various logs and metrics obtained from the infrastructure is time-consuming, and can sometimes lead administrators down the wrong path in trying to prevent issues from arising.

Eager to assist service providers and customers with that challenge, the new Splunk Insights for Infrastructure allows systems administrators and DevOps teams to automatically correlate metrics and logs to monitor IT.

The new IT monitoring solution is actually free for small environments up to approximately 50 servers (200GB in total storage). Companies can purchase additional storage capacity incrementally, starting at $3,750 per year. We're checking to see if a multi-tenant version for partners and MSPs exists.

In the meantime, some of the confirmed capabilities include:

  • Rapid Deployment: The product installs in a few minutes, and only a few clicks are needed to configure metrics and log collection, Splunk says.
  • Correlated Metrics and Logs: It can analyze metrics and logs in one unified experience.
  • Intelligent Investigations: Users can visually explore performance metrics while adding context from logs.
  • Scalability: Customers can upgrade to Splunk Enterprise as use cases and enterprise requirements grow.

New customers can download Splunk Insights for Infrastructure directly from Splunk or through authorized partners. It will also surface as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) on the AWS Marketplace soon.

Splunk has been busy on the R&D front. The company earlier this month released Splunk Industrial Asset Intelligence. The tool helps organizations in manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation, energy and utilities monitor and analyze industrial IoT data in real time to create a simple view of complex industrial systems while helping to minimize asset downtime.

Meanwhile, a lengthy list of companies are are introducing multi-purpose monitoring and management tools that span log, application and infrastructure management. Examples include Datadog's recent additions.