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SolarWinds MSP Releases New Automation Cookbook

SolarWinds MSP has released a new Automation Cookbook to help MSPs eliminate redundancies and speed up repetitive tasks using automation scripts, according to a statement from the company.

The collection of scripts is designed for the SolarWinds’ product portfolio, and currently contains more than 380 custom scripts to help MSP partners with tasks like updating operating systems, running patches and implementing product integrations without disrupting the day-to-day business, according to SolarWinds MSP.

SolarWinds MSP Releases New Automation Cookbook for MSPs

In addition, these scripts can help eliminate future repetitive work by creating a blueprint for service delivery success, according to the statement.

An example script in the cookbook integrates Cisco Meraki device monitoring, which SolarWinds announced in September, to help MSPs centralize management of multiple devices under their purview. Partners on the SolarWinds RMM or N-central platforms can access and download this and other scripts, import them into their monitoring and management environments, and begin reaping their benefits almost immediately, SolarWinds said.

SolarWinds MSP's Automation Cookbook: Executive Commentary

Marc-Andre Tanguay, head automation nerd, SolarWinds MSP
Marc-Andre Tanguay, head automation nerd, SolarWinds MSP

“In a typical MSP world, technicians are buried in repetitive, mundane tasks that can easily be automated,” explained Marc-Andre Tanguay, head automation nerd, SolarWinds MSP. “The time it takes to do things like deployments and configurations can take critical time away from adding value for customers and to the business itself. The new Automation Cookbook is compiled with that in mind, to help our MSP partners speed up the time it takes for them to deliver their services, opening up more time to focus on their business, instead of just in it, while also saving them significant costs. What’s more, these select scripts are just that—select—they aren’t a one-size-fits all solution,” Tanguay said.

Tanguay will hold his next “office hours” to discuss the cookbook and other automation topics on December 1, 2020.