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Nerdio Manager for MSP Updates Include GenAI

Nerdio is infusing generative AI into its enterprise and MSP products that help organizations manage and cost-optimize native Microsoft cloud technology.

The company announced Nerdio Manager for Enterprise 6.0 and Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM) 5.0, which incorporate GenAI alongside enhanced automation and proactive optimization features, the company said.

In addition, the expanded management capabilities will go beyond Microsoft Azure infrastructure to encompass broad endpoint management and application delivery enhancements.

CEO Vadim Vladimirskiy recounted Nerdio’s evolution of services for MSPs in a blog post. He noted that the company’s first mission was to empower MSPs to succeed with virtual desktops in Microsoft Azure, before the days of AVD and Windows 365.

More recently the company expanded its management, automation and cost optimization capabilities beyond desktop as a service to include:

  • physical endpoints with Intune,
  • application delivery,
  • simplified management of Microsoft Defender for endpoints,
  • infusion of GenAI and machine learning capabilities, and
  • implementation of Console Connect (a remote control feature now in private preview) to enable MSPs to remotely manage user devices.

Defender for Business

Nerdio has introduced Defender for Business after hearing from MSP customers that onboarding customers to Microsoft Defender is a complex process.

“Even though Defender is included in the M365 Business Premium suite, not enough MSPs have started using it,” Vladimirskiy wrote. “With NMM’s new Defender integration, MSPs will be able to more easily onboard customers to Defender for Endpoint, manage policies, and monitor for configuration drift, and centrally remediate customer compliance across all tenants.”

Nerdio's 2024 Product/Service Focus

Nerdio said that 2024 would include three major initiatives underpinning the company’s product strategy. They are the following:

  • Infuse AI into all products. Nerdio is doing this to help with contextual support, scripted action creation, and report generation.
  • Innovate with virtual desktop management. This is Nerdio’s original mission and the company said it continues to make significant investments in improving the technology for customers.
  • Expand beyond Azure infrastructure. Vladimirskiy said “Our customers and partners have been clear in their requests of wanting Nerdio’s easy approach to management to apply to other technologies in their stack. We’re continuing to build management capabilities on top of Microsoft Intune to enable broad endpoint management, especially for MSPs in multi-tenant scenarios. We’re also making significant investments. In optimizing application management and delivery for both virtual and physical endpoints. Microsoft Defender security suite is another major area of investment this year.”

Additional Enhancements for NMM

Nerdio’s CEO said the company is launching a number of new capabilities in version 5 of NMM to broaden product capabilities and enhance existing features. Here are some additional enhancements:

  • Unified Application Management, allowing MSSPs to centralize app storage for all customers using native Microsoft Winget technology and deliver apps to some or all customers targeted by user, group, device or device type.
  • Solutions Baselines. These are a way to create best-practice configurations for customers and apply them at scale. These collections of settings can include Entra ID, Intune, Defender, and NMM configurations. Solutions Baselines can also be configured to auto-remediate any configuration drift by forcing the correct setting.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery of Policies. This lets MSPs restore Intune policies, policy baselines and user/device assignments that have changed or been removed.
  • Reserved Instance Management
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