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Naverisk Continues RMM, PSA Software Enhancements for MSPs

Naverisk CEO Jon Kalaugher
Naverisk CEO Jon Kalaugher

Jon Kalaugher, CEO and founder of Naverisk Software has only been back with the company for around six months. But his efforts to accelerate R&D across the company's PSA (professional services automation) and RMM (remote monitoring and management) are clear.

In recent weeks, for instance, the company launched a platform upgrade to assist MSPs with:

  • New Project Management capabilities.
  • A key upgrade to the File Explorer.
  • Network bandwidth monitoring and alerts.
  • More personalization with customized Email Templates
  • OS Template export / import to save you time.

These updates surfaced only about two months after Naverisk released another batch of significant updates that included:

  • An Autotask integration update.
  • A community forum upgrade that bolsters user interaction across traditional PCs along with tablets and mobile devices.
  • Various fixes and improvements.

Additional enhancements, including a significant User Interface upgrade, also are under development. You can preview the new UI here.

Not only is Kalaugher using his own ideas for improvements to the software, he is consulting with his team, and actively monitoring requests from Naverisk's active community. When you listen to your customers on features they would like to see within your software, you have the opportunity to make changes that can really help. These are the customers that use your product daily, and their input is extremely valuable.  The company claims the new updates will help MSPs and IT services providers to work quicker, smarter and more efficiently.

Admittedly, Naverisk faces fierce competition from the major providers of integrated PSA and RSM (names like ConnectWise, Datto and Kaseya) along with platform providers like SolarWinds MSP and Continuum. Upstart and alternative PSA-RMM providers like Atera and Pulseway also are in the market.

Still, roughly 1,000 MSPs were running Naverisk's software in late 2017. Next time we speak with Kalaugher, we'll ping him about the latest deployment figures.

Additional insights from Joe Panettieri.