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How MSPs Can Build, Monetize Microsoft Azure Managed Cloud Services

Generally speaking, managed services providers (MSPs) are eager to offer cloud services to their clients, as the technology is currently driving growth for many MSPs. Sometimes, due to lack of knowledge or resources, it can be difficult for MSPs to figure out the best way to include these services in their portfolios.

Eager to fill that void, Nerdio recently announced another way for MSPs to capitalize on so-called digital transformations. Or more specifically, Nerdio is promoting four ways for MSPs to monetize Azure-oriented managed cloud services. The effort involves Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), server management, Hosted RDS, and full IT stack (ITaaS).

The offering includes high-level guides for MSPs. The guides feature use cases, sample deployments, implementation steps, and customer pricing recommendations — with margins ranging from 40 percent to 57 percent. MSPs can then offer any of these packages to customers, and use Nerdio for Azure to easily provision, manage, and optimize these environments, the company claims.

Nerdio Promotes Four Managed Azure Cloud Services

The specific Nerdio for Azure use cases for MSPs include:

  • DaaS: Eliminate management of local end-user devices by migrating desktops and integrating them with Office 365, SaaS and client/server applications, and provide users with always-on Windows desktop access from any internet connected device.
  • Azure Hosted RDS: Migrate an existing Remote Desktop Services deployment to Azure or stand up a new one. Leverage Azure’s expanded geographical infrastructure and dynamically resize compute resources as necessary.
  • Servers: Extend existing network and Active Directory, migrate line of business applications and database servers, and manage server infrastructure and backups in Azure.
  • ITaaS: Migrate the full IT stack to Azure, including servers, desktops, backup and security, email, collaboration, and file storage in Office 365, eliminating the need for any on-premise infrastructure.

In a prepared statement, the company claimed, "by significantly reducing the cost, complexity, and risk associated with moving customers to the Microsoft Cloud, Nerdio achieves two major breakthroughs:

  1. Equipping MSPs with the tools and resources they need to make a sizeable profit selling a comprehensive suite of IT offerings on Azure; and
  2. Democratizing access to Azure for organizations that would previously not be able to make the move."

Monetizing Azure Services: The Partner Challenge

According to LogicMonitor's Future of the Cloud survey, while Microsoft Azure is currently trailing AWS among cloud adopters, that gap will become significantly smaller by 2020. Perhaps services like this from Nerdio will assist in Azure's growth over the next couple years, especially among small businesses.

While it may still be difficult to provision DaaS through AWS, simplifying the process for MSPs to allow them to offer these services through Azure could be beneficial to Microsoft, Nerdio, the MSP and their clients.