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Microsoft Office 365 and Nimble CRM Cloud Bundle: NeoCloud Does It

It used to be 'magic' when caller ID identified an incoming caller's name. These days, CRM (customer relationship management) can do so much more. Among the simple examples: Software products like Nimble CRM automatically update itself when a contact changes their phone number or other contact information. They can even reveal a contact's social network activities and latest tweet.

The key point: A simple database of customer contact information is no longer sufficient for proper business relationships. CRM is now robust. So are cloud-based productivity tools like Microsoft Office 365. But what if they came together?

That's exactly NeoCloud's strategy. The managed cloud services company now offers Nimble CRM bundles with all of its Office 365 deployments. The move could create a unique selling proposition  -- allowing customers to gain social business insights on of their Office 365 contacts.

Nimble CRM works with all of the major browsers and social networks. The software will find and display instant insights on people and companies by building Live Profiles on anything, anywhere, on the fly. When you hover over a contact or click to connect with them, the information will be compiled and displayed. Nimble will then show you profiles with essential details like who people are, where they work, where they are from, the number of company employees, year founded, revenue, industry, CEO details, location, social profiles, contact info and more.

The bundle reminds me of the classic Windows Small Business Server approach, which enjoyed success with customers that couldn't afford to purchase SQL Server and Exchange Server. That Microsoft bundle featured simplified versions of its full-scale products, making it easy fo small businesses resellers to install and maintain.

Now, as cloud services eliminate the need for on-site servers, bundles are still an attractive option for small business owners who do not need more robust products to fill their needs.