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Cloud Cost Management Tool: ParkMyCloud Supports Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS

Moving business workloads to public cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform potentially delivers unlimited scalability. But it also sets the stage, potentially, for runaway costs.

ParkMyCloud is seeking to solve those cost challenges. The company's SmartParking solution now supports Azure, allowing users to automate cloud cost optimization by integrating cost control into their DevOps processes, the company asserts. Essentially, ParkMyCloud says it saves money by scheduling cloud resources to turn off when they are not needed -- which they call “parking.”

SmartParking was first released in January 2018 for AWS users. This latest expansion uses Azure Monitor data to find patterns in virtual machine utilization. That data is then used to automatically recommend specific parking schedules for each virtual machine to turn them off when they are typically idle, the company says.

Potential Cloud Services Cost Savings

ParkMyCloud's technology allows some AWS customers to slash their cloud services costs by more than 80 percent, the company claims. Key adopters include McDonald’s Sysco Foods, Unilever, Avid, and Sage Software.

Naturally, ParkMyCloud hopes to deliver similar savings for Azure customers. Support for Google Cloud Platform is expected in April 2018, the company says.

Right Talent, Right Tools: Admittedly, cloud pricing models can be difficult to understand. But as cloud usage becomes the norm, large companies are looking for ways to cut costs. Among those spearheading the effort: So-called cloud financial administrators. A CFA typically oversees enterprise cloud consumption management, optimization, and billing.

Not by coincidence, multiple cloud cost management and billing management tools have surfaced. In addition to ParkMyCloud, other players in the field include Cloudyn, Cloudability, and RightScale, to name a few.