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Talla’s BotChain Launches AI Bot Software Partner Program


BotChain, a platform for managing multiple software bots, recently unveiled a partner program. Early adopters include developer platform Gupshup, and B2B enterprise bots Polly, CareerLark, Botkit, Disco,, and Bootkeeper.

Those early partners in sum represent more than 50,000 developers and upwards of 150,000 enterprise and consumer-facing bots interacting with nearly 400 million end-users globally, the company says.

Botchain was launched in September 2017 by Talla Inc. The technology is designed to facilitate intelligent assistance through standardized bot registry, identity validation, compliance capabilities, bot audit, and event logs for artificial intelligence products, the company says.

Chatbots and Cryptocurrencies

Most people are familiar with A.I. technology like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. Now, as cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology become more ubiquitous, chatbots are being presented as one way to solve a multitude of issues.

For one, chatbots can help provide clarity when it comes to dense legal matters like Terms and Conditions or Financial Product Conditions. The use of a chatbot can provide transparency toward the steps of the interaction. Another instance could have chatbots providing advice from a knowledge that would normally be relegated to dense documents.

Revenue from AI products is expected to reach more than $47 billion by 2020 according to the International Data Corporation. According to Talla and BotChain, that means a universally accepted means to verify bot and AI registration, identity validation, audit, and transactions is necessary. To wit, BotChain makes use of blockchain’s features to support these ambitions. That includes its verifiability and immutability.

Talla believes that traditional APIs, created for simple data exchange, are ill-equipped to handle A.I.-driven autonomous systems. “The new requirements for safety and security using autonomous systems cannot be solved by existing methods,” the company said when it launched the platform. BotChain is designed to provide critical systems to any users of A.I. powered products.

Building Trust

"Beyond enabling human trust of AI products, our vision for BotChain is to deliver a foundation for an entire world of bot coordination, communication and transaction, with BotCoin as the currency of the AI agent ecosystem. We are thrilled to partner with fellow leaders in our space, as we build out this vision together," said Rob May, CEO of Talla.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are notoriously divisive subjects, with ardent believers for and against the technology. BotChain says it has chosen to announce its early partners to demonstrate the quality and maturity of the project and network compared to other blockchain projects.

"BotChain will be managed and molded by an invested and proven group of like-minded partners," said Anthony Habayeb, head of BotChain partnerships. "Aligned thinking is key for fueling adoption and acceleration. We are excited by these early partners and to continue forming alliances across the ecosystem of artificially intelligent bots and software."

The company says it has allocated 20 percent of BotCoin tokens for partnership investments and ecosystem building.