Overcoming MSP Sales Objections: Hope Is Not A Strategy

Recently Tom Watson of Axcient’s MSP Ignition! and Nick Points of CharTec Academy got together to produce a webinar about what MSPs can do to overcome objections during the sales process.

In case you missed it the recording of MSP Ignition #18 Overcoming Sales Objections is available on-demand here:

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As stated, “Hope is not a strategy” -- you cannot hope objections don’t come up. You need to be prepared for any objections that comes up.

Co-Author: CharTec’s Nick Points
Co-Author: CharTec's Nick Points
Co-Author: Axcient/eFolder’s Tom Watson

Watson and Points identified two primary kinds of objections MSPs often run across when trying to close, and responses you can use:

1. Welcomed Objections:

  • Don’t spend that much now
  • Don’t do long term agreements
  • Need to buy our own agreement
  • Want to think about it

When you get Welcomed Objections these are the ones we are prepared for, smile and know you are one question closer to getting the deal signed.

You will often hear “We don’t spend that much now.” Through discovery you know what they are spending, and you are ready to address by showing them the facts of what their true costs are, including downtime.

When they say, “We don’t do long term agreements.” It is important to remember and possibly point out that nearly all businesses have long term agreements; the big copier in the corner for example, or their phone system.  Take the time to explain to the prospect that there are protections in the agreement that require a level of performance on your part to keep the agreement in place.

When it come to equipment ownership explain to them the advantages of HaaS (hardware as a service) and give them an option of the prospect paying for it all up front and they will usually realize the value of you, the MSP owning the hardware and being responsible for refreshes.

If the prospect wants to “think about it” that it is legitimate but you are there to close the deal.  Rather than just schedule a follow up, ask questions, seek to understand, and then offer to step out while they talk about it for a few minutes.

2. Failure Objections:

  • That’s a Cadillac offering…
  • Can continue to do it ourselves
  • Keeping the same company
  • Can you take this piece out?

While these objections can be very hard to recover from when the prospect brings one of them up it generally means you have failed somewhere in the process leading up to presenting your offering to them.

While Failure Objections are tougher to overcome there are points that can be made:  “We’re Chevy, not Cadillac and here’s why...”.  If they want to take a piece out, such as not needing 24/7 support, then address this head on with how you will provide support during their business hours but are available if they come in on a Saturday or have an emergency and that provides piece of mind.

Agree and Understand – Do not just answer before you know all the facts.  Seek to understand where the objections are coming from. Have your answers ready.

Answer their questions and then listen, don’t try to keep explaining your answer.  Let a little silence work in your favor and help close the deal.

For more on Overcoming Sales Objections watch the webinar above in its entirety.

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By Tom Watson of Axcient's MSP Ignition! Program and Nick Points of CharTec Academy. Read more Axcient blogs here.