Financing and Cash Flow Tips for VARs, MSPs

Are financing and cash-flow pressures keeping you up at night? Let Ingram Micro Financial Solutions help! We have multiple options to help you on both fronts. You can even leverage our solutions to close more business!

Do you know Ingram Micro has end-user finance solutions that can expand your credit line based upon your end-users’ credit profiles? Never hold back from going after a large deal because you fear your company can’t qualify for the financing to support it. And offering your end user multiple ways to finance the deal may be just the ticket to winning it! We have multiple solutions you can leverage to provide your end user with options for extended terms or long-term financing. By offering your end user multiple options for financing the deal, you shorten the sales cycle and make it easy for them to buy from you.

The way you sell technology is changing, and Ingram Micro understands that you need new financing options to keep up. Selling SaaS or HaaS solutions or cloud services creates very different financing challenges. Ingram Micro is continually creating new programs and custom solutions to help our reseller partners sell and finance these new technologies. We offer billing installment options and bundled solutions that make selling these technologies easy. We can provide you with deal-specific solutions that help you both win the deal and finance it. Engage us early in the sales cycle so that we can guide you through finding the best solution and positioning it to your end user.

How do you learn more? Review our Financial Solutions brochure. To access one of these programs or develop a custom solution, contact our Financial Solutions team at [email protected]. We also have a partner-education program with regular webinars to explain how a specific option can benefit your business. Subscribe to our regularly updated calendar of webinars and other events, including information on new programs. Watch for a program coming soon that can save you money by leveraging Ingram Micro for back office support, including customized invoicing and collections services.

Kelly Carter is executive director of credit and financial services at Ingram Micro. Read more Ingram Micro blogs here.