6 Reasons to be Thankful for Business Continuity

Behind any successful, fast-growing SMB are the steadfast technologies keeping their data secure. Most notable are the business continuity products that, quite literally, save their businesses from falling victim to disasters, both internal and external, which threaten to shut down operations indefinitely. To pay homage, we’re highlighting the six reasons to be thankful for business continuity.

1. An Easy User Interface

Managing IT can be a real pain for SMBs. For example, if your customer works in health care, they are in the business of saving lives. Don’t let them waste hours of their day (or yours!) trying to navigate through a clunky user interface. Instead, implement a solution that doesn’t come with a painful amount of maintenance down the road. We are thankful for business continuity solutions that offer an easy user experience and, therefore, fewer headaches.

2. Smart Technology

Business continuity is truly effective when it implements smart technology. The number of times a company’s data is backed up daily should be flexible to a business’s unique needs. An ideal solution doesn’t backup an entire instance every time; it takes incremental backups, which update the initial backup only where the data has changed. Make sure you pick a solution that works smarter, not harder. Both you and your customer will be thankful.

3. Proof of Backup

When it comes to managing SMBs, for the most part, there are two walks of life: the “show me my investment at work” people and the “set it and forget it’ people. For the latter, it can be easy to implement a solution and shortly forget it exists, assuming all is safe and sound. For these people, proof of backup is a business continuity must. Automated assurance that proves systems are bootable and provides screenshot verification of your backups go this extra mile. Let us give thanks.

4. Image-Based Backup

Image-based backup has made restoring failed systems easier than ever. Pictures of entire workstations or servers are taken with each backup. When rebuilding a system, you need more than files. Image-based backup allows you to see applications and systems. Users no longer have to worry about selecting certain files to save or updating versions. As backups occur, any changes are caught in the image. We are thankful for this technology

5. Total Data Protection

The best business continuity solutions will couple physical devices with a virtualization offering. Should a physical device fail, virtualized versions of applications, servers, or entire networks can be created instantly. Virtualized machines are completely independent and are hugely important when it comes to minimizing downtime. That’s true business continuity at work. Thank you!

6. 24/7/365 Support

Without this next piece, it’s hard to consistently feel the value in everything else. The best solutions are the ones that never sleep. If a business continuity provider offers 24/7/365 support, you know they understand the true necessity of business continuity -  be prepared for the worst. Solutions that are supported round-the-clock offer something that money cannot buy: peace of mind. After all, disasters do happen, and they’re sometimes unpredictable. Your support shouldn’t be. Gracias, Merci, danke!

Author: Christine Gassman
If your business continuity solution yields all of the above, that’s something to be thankful for. You’re likely resting a little easier at night knowing your customer’s businesses will be up and running no matter what challenges the next day may bring. To see if your business continuity solution measures up to the best of the best, check out this eBook.

Christine Gassman is  manager of partner development at Datto. Read all Datto guest blogs here.