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Posts by Synoptek

5 Key Challenges of Software Testing

Developing and carrying out manual or automated software testing is not as easy as it seems. Here are 5 key challenges developers face.

Best Practices for Application Modernization

Synoptek explains why you need to modernize your applications and the best practices to drive the most favorable outcomes.

5 Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies to Consider in 2021

Synoptek explains how behavior analytics, eXtended detection and response (XDR), artificial intelligence, encryption & automation will influence cybersecurity in 2021.

6 Common Pitfalls That Lead to Cloud Overspend

With growing cloud usage, organizations are struggling to get a handle on their increased cloud expenditures.

The Benefits of IT As A Service

ITaaS is the increasingly popular cloud-based business model for delivering hardware, software and technology support to businesses.

Leveraging BI for Small and Mid-sized Enterprises

Business intelligence (BI) is not just for large enterprises. In fact, the technology offers just as many benefits for small & mid-sized organizations.

Remote Desktop Vs Cloud Computing? Why You Should Use Both

Remote desktop and cloud computing work better together. Synoptek explains the similiarities, differences and benefits of integration.

Business Intelligence vs Advanced Analytics: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between business intelligence and advanced analytics? What are the benefits of each? Synoptek explains.

How Big Data and AI Work Together

In a world inundated with growing volumes of data, embracing tech like big data and AI are a great way to change the game. Synoptek explains.

10 Cloud Security Best Practices

Synoptek explains how to navigate cloud security using cloud security best practices to ensure your cloud infrastructure is protected 24×7.