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Posts by GEM Strategy Management

You Just Received an IRS Audit Notice. Now What Do You do?

When facing an IRS tax audit, take these seven steps to smooth the process for your business.

10 Acquisition Mistakes to Avoid When Buying A Company

Current market conditions suggest it is a seller’s market with frothy multiples. A comprehensive assessment of the acquisition “target” is a must. Here are 10 major mistakes to avoid.

Selling Your Small Business: Four Variables Can Boost SMB Valuations

If you’re thinking about selling your small business in 2018-2019, focus on these four variables to raise your SMB company’s valuation.

M&A Outlook Bright for 2018, But Don’t Wait Too Long

Nearly 70% of executives at US-headquartered corporations say mergers & acquisitions will increase in 2018, Deloitte says. But be careful. Here’s why.

Why Nobody Is Bidding to Buy Your Business

Why won’t a potential buyer seriously entertain purchasing your company? GEM Strategy Management Inc.’s Gary Miller shares details.

How to Maximize the Value of Your Business

Owners do not plan early enough to sell their businesses. It can take two to three years to prepare a business for sale & maximize value. Here’s how.

Know the Risks When You Personally Guarantee Your Company’s Debt

Need to personally guarantee company debt? Here’s how to negotiate the structure of the personal guarantee as well as loan terms & covenants with a bank.

Alternative Online Lenders for Small Businesses: Pros and Cons

Alternative online lenders can help small businesses seeking loans. Pitfalls can include higher interest rates & hefty fees but some options are doable.

Mergers and Acquisitions: 6 Steps Before You Begin Negotiations

These six proactive recommendations can help you understand when to proceed with (or walk away from) a potential merger, acquisition or company sale.

How to Negotiate Concessions to Close Better Deals

Concessions are almost always necessary to complete a successful sale. Here’s how to work an example IT services deal, according to Gary Miller.