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How MSPs Can Profit from Continuous Testing Services

Continuous testing is critical & challenging for enterprise application development teams. Here’s how MSPs can address that market opportunity, according to CA Technologies.

MSP Whitespace Assessments: Unlock Hidden Recurring Revenue Opportunities

CA Technologies offers whitespace assessments to MSP partners. MSPs gain a list of potential services that can deepen customer engagements and drive monthly recurring revenues higher.

How to Align Your Service Provider Catalog with the Digital Economy

MSPs must evolve their services to meet modern customer requirements. Here’s how to align with today’s digital economy opportunities, according to CA Technologies’ Ken Vanderweel.

Establishing a Winning MSP Website: 6 Key Requirements

As part of its ongoing work with MSP partners, CA Technologies has been taking an extensive look at a number of MSP websites and assessing how they match up with emerging customer requirements. Here are the findings.

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The Modern Software Factory: The Business Imperatives and How Service Providers Can Capitalize

Your customers must build & activate modern software factories to win in their markets. CA Technologies explains where MSPs fit into this new reality.

SaaS Solutions for Service Providers: 5 Business-boosting Advantages

There are at least five key ways SaaS solutions can help service providers capitalize on emerging digital economy opportunities, CA Technologies explains.

CA World ’17: Why MSPs Can’t Afford to Miss It

CA World 2017 will be a place for MSPs to discover new strategies, solutions & partners that can accelerate business growth. Here’s why you should attend.

The Unmet Demand for Premium Cloud Monitoring: Key Strategies for Capitalizing

MSPs & CSPs can employ these strategies to incorporate premium cloud monitoring services into their portfolios, according to CA & 451 Research.

The Unmet Demand for Premium Cloud Monitoring: 451 Research Survey’s Key Findings

CSPs see significant market demand for premium cloud monitoring services. 451 Research and CA Technologies describe the immediate opportunities.

The Unmet Demand for Premium Cloud Monitoring: New 451 Research Survey

Many MSPs & CSPs offer cloud monitoring services, but those service providers aren’t fully monetizing the services, CA Technologies & 451 Research reveal.