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Why You Should Test Your Cloud Apps for Resiliency

Application resiliency testing is important to fully realize the high availability promise of cloud. Accenture’s Kishore Durg explains.

Cloud Vendor Lock-in: Like Bending Spoons?

Cloud vendor lock-in is traditionally seen as a serious problem. Accenture’s Campbell Abbey explains why that assumption is false.

COVID-19 and the Cloud: A New Chapter in Systems Resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic has put enterprise systems resilience in the spotlight. Cloud technology can help CIOs and IT leaders gain competitive advantage. Accenture explains how.

What Working From Home Tells us About Cloud Services

Amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, certain cloud-savvy businesses transitioned to remote work with relative ease. Accenture’s Michael Biltz explains how.

Multi-Cloud Management: Where Cloud Discovery Fits In

Multi-cloud discovery helps enterprises identify applications, databases, containers & related cloud services running at a given point in time. Accenture explains the resulting benefits.

Cloud Application, Infrastructure Deployments: Pre-Migration Testing Is Required

Cloud application and infrastructure migrations require rigorous testing and assurance before and during the migrations, Accenture explains.

Hyper-connected Networks: Are You Ready?

An Accenture survey of 300 IT and business executives explores whether networks are ready for digital transformation, new connections & new applications.

How to Navigate Multi-Cloud Interoperability Challenges

Cloud service oroviders (CSPs) are developing adapters, APIs & containers to facilitate interoperability across platforms. Accenture explains the opportunities & challenges.