Application Service Management: Automation Challenges, Solutions

The major challenges for automation in application service management are 3S – Standard, Security, and Sustenance. Or more fully defined:

  • Standards – Lack of standards across Applications results in low levels of accountability. Disparate Applications result in inadequate collaboration between teams, information systems which result in further complexities. There are increased chances of duplication of efforts resulting in reduced productivity.
  • Security – Automation Exposes Enterprises to Cyberattacks and Outages resulting in organizations experienced a security breach, application and network outages.
  • Sustenance – The key to maintaining automated application service management requires an organized strategy, along with a long-term vision and master plan. This strategy will enable the application management team to continually monitor the facility and make simple course corrections to keep the operation and maintenance on a sustainable path.

Capgemini’s Approach

We address those challenges using these approaches:

Standards – Capgemini works with OEMS, tier-1s and automation technology partners to provide end-to-end solutions including standards. Capgemini aims at building a comprehensive technique that aims at eliminating duplicates and making the Applications free of clutter and unnecessary efforts, through standardizing tools and processes. It facilitates faster time to market, improved quality and reduced costs

Security – Capgemini provides end-to-end advisory, protection and monitoring services. We advise on cybersecurity strategy depending on current level of maturity to help define security perimeter, objectives and procedures with cybersecurity solutions and monitor systems & applications to detect and react in advance of cyber-attacks.

Sustenance – Capgemini’s Automation Drive brings a unified, open and dynamic suite of automation tools, services, skills and expertise that serve business as a continuously evolving source of innovation and value which helps in applications being flexible to build sustenance

Benefits of Automation

This chart describes the benefits of automation…

Evolving Customer Requirements

Now, here are some client requirements in the last few years with respect to automation of application services and how has Capgemini adapted to them:

 Vijay Karna is business process change management Leader at Capgemini. Read more Capgemini blogs here.
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