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Survey: Cloud Complexity Causes Consternation for MSPs

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The varying degrees of cloud complexity is causing headaches for managed services providers (MSPs), according to a new survey.

In its annual Cloud Impact Study 2023 - Clear Skies Ahead: Avoiding Chaos in the Cloud, global MSP Aptum laid out the details.

Cloud Complexity

The study canvassed the opinions of 400 senior IT professionals from organizations with 250+ employees across the U.S., Canada, and the UK in an attempt to better understand the business drivers behind their cloud computing infrastructure and overcome complexities that can inhibit overall cloud benefits.

Cloud services have been adapted at an incredible rate in recent years, fueled largely by the global COVID-19 pandemic. The study’s authors say that many organizations are now paying the price for implementing cloud without the benefit of a comprehensive management strategy.

While a vast majority (98%) are satisfied with the rate of cloud transformation in their organization, there are still challenges. Namely:

  • Integration (42%)
  • Delivering cost predictability (36%)
  • Lack of skills (33%)
  • Changes in technology (33%)

The study reveals that organizations are continuing to invest in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, with 59% of respondents using a combination of public and private cloud services.

However, the complexity of a hybrid cloud environment is causing organizations to face several hurdles, with respondents stating that complexity is a key issue holding back the adoption of more advanced cloud technologies, and many organizations admit to a lack of visibility into cloud cost and performance.

Survey Says: A Systematic Approach

The results from the survey call for organizations to approach their cloud deployment and ecosystems with business objectives and optimization at the forefront of their goals.

Susan Bowen, CEO and President, Aptum Group, commented on the findings:

“It is clear from our survey that, despite living in a time of great economic uncertainty, businesses still understand the need to embrace digital transformation and invest in the cloud. In recent years cloud has become an integral part of most enterprise IT strategies, and our survey shows that the majority of IT leaders say they have delivered business value from cloud. However, there are potential challenges ahead that organizations need to mitigate. Cloud technology continues to enable agility, scalability, cost savings, and remote work - all essential components for business continuity and growth in turbulent times. But, if not managed effectively with a holistic approach, the benefits of cloud can be missed.”