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Rackspace Unveils Dell Technologies and NVIDIA AI-Powered Hosted Private Cloud Solution

Credit: Rackspace Technology

Multi-cloud solutions company Rackspace Technology has partnered with Dell Technologies and NVIDIA. for a new AI-powered hosted private cloud offering.

The partnership aims to introduce a range of comprehensive solutions that combine specialized expertise and pre-designed tools, utilizing Dell's infrastructure and NVIDIA's software, according to the company.

The partnership centers around Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR), which was announced in July 2023, a platform designed to integrate AI and data solutions across various industries.

The partnership seeks to simplify the deployment and management of private cloud enterprise AI solutions, emphasizing scalability for future growth, according to the company. These solutions can be implemented and managed within Rackspace's AI-ready data centers or on clients' premises, allowing customers to focus on innovation while leveraging cloud capabilities, Rackspace said.

Generative AI a "Game Changer"

Lance Weaver, chief product and technology officer, Rackspace Private Cloud, commented:

“We are excited to launch Rackspace Technology's FAIR-hosted AI platform based on NVIDIA and the Dell Generative AI Solutions portfolio. With our partner ecosystem, FAIR enables organizations to adopt generative AI with a simplified approach, proven architecture, and our multi-cloud expertise. As AI continues to reshape industries and experiences, Rackspace is well positioned to create innovative solutions to help companies transform.”

Jeff Boudreau, president, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies, said:

“Generative AI is a game changer, demonstrating how technology can transform how industries operate. Dell Generative AI Solutions with NVIDIA, through FAIR, offer access to training or tuning Gen AI models and AI inferencing, using our latest generation PowerEdge servers combined with our industry-leading Dell storage and data protection portfolio. Together, we are powering a new level of productivity to redefine how businesses work from customer engagement and content creation to software development and sales.”

Last year, Rackspace joined the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Managed Services program to help customers leverage the power of the NVIDIA DGX platform without needing in-house infrastructure management.

A Closer Look at FAIR

The Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR) initiative focuses on advancing business transformation through the secure and pragmatic use of AI technologies. FAIR identifies actionable AI use cases, co-creates generative AI solutions, and transforms them into products.

FAIR presents an opportunity for organizations to harness the potential of generative AI and transform their data into a potent tool, as highlighted by Rackspace. The platform offers a range of practical applications, including:

  • Content Generation: FAIR empowers organizations to craft personalized recommendations and responses for customer inquiries and product selections, effectively generating tailored content.
  • Knowledge Management: Through generative AI, organizations can extract insights from telephone conversations, create personalized learning plans, and distill information from diverse sources, contributing to effective knowledge management.
  • Semantic Search: By leveraging natural language processing and allied technologies, FAIR enables users to pose questions and swiftly locate pertinent documents, images, and videos, enhancing semantic search capabilities.

In addition to collaborating with Google Cloud, FAIR seamlessly integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure public cloud data alongside several other compatible technologies.