Part II: MSPs That Launched Software Businesses


Yesterday, I mentioned a lengthy list of MSPs that have launched or spun-off software companies. Plenty of readers valued the coverage. But plenty of additional readers also were upset -- alleging that I overlooked quite a few companies or didn't give VARs enough credit for similar spin-off successes.

In a never ending quest to engage readers (and a shameless address to drive more page views), here's Part II:  Another list of MSPs and IT service providers that have launched software businesses. Today's lineup includes...

  • Bardissi Enterprises opened the door for BVoiP, which promotes an MSP cloud communications platform.
  • BNG Holdings and TrueIT set the stage for ConnectBooster, a payment processing and automation system that integrates with ConnectWise, Autotask, QuickBooks and more. Among the company's recent hires: Executive VP of Global Sales and Strategic Growth Rebecca Simons, a well-known ConnectWise veteran.
  • Directive, a successful IT service provider in Oneonta, N.Y, built JoomConnect, a marketing and sales systems that connects the dots between MSP websites and their ConnectWise deployments.
  • Entegration, a 16-year-old MSP focused on healthcare and medical records, launched two security companies: HIPAA Secure Now! and Breach Secure Now! Those businesses help MSPs and SMBs protect sensitive data (patient data, credit card, banking, etc.) as well as comply with Federal Regulations (HIPAA, etc.).
  • Fully Managed, a leading MSP in Canada, gave birth to IT Glue -- which offers a documentation platform that roughly, 1,000 MSPs and 10,000 IT professionals have adopted. Ironically, DeskDirector veteran Phill Claxton just jumped to IT Glue as chief operating officer.
  • Lancom Technology, an MSP, set the stage for DeskDirector, a client portal for the Autotask and ConnectWise platforms.
  • Network Depot, a well-known MSP in the Washington, D.C., area, launched Virtual Administrator -- an onramp that allows VARs to get started in the MSP market...
  • Virage gave rise to Wise-sync, which more than 2,000 ConnectWise partners use to sync more than 80,000 records per month across accounting, payments and more.
  • XCEL Professional Services, an MSP, launched Passportal -- an identity and password management solutions offered exclusively to MSPs. Former Level Platforms VP Dan Wensley is now president of Passportal.

Additional VARs, MSPs Launching Software Businesses?

I admit: There must be additional launches that I'm overlooking. Several pundits, for instance, tell me to take a look at Ingram Micro's Trust X Alliance community for more example companies.

We'll be sure to do so in the days ahead. And if you think we overlooked some key startups in the blog above or in Part I just send me email: [email protected] or post a comment.

Joe Panettieri

Joe Panettieri is co-founder & editorial director of MSSP Alert and ChannelE2E, the two leading news & analysis sites for managed service providers in the cybersecurity market.