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Parc Capital Invests in Australian Cloud Services Provider NEXION Group

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Parc Capital Fund Services Pty Ltd has announced a $21 million investment in NEXION Group, a hybrid cloud service provider based in Australia.

Parc Capital, founded in 2017, is based in Bondi, New South Wales, Australia. The company has employees listed on LinkedIn. Parc's areas of expertise include Private Equity, Corporate Advisory, Business Services, Mergers & Acquisitions, Equity Funding, Investment Management, Debt Funding, and Directorships.

NEXION Group, founded in 2018, is based in Perth, New South Wales, Australia. The company has 3 employees listed on LinkedIn. NEXION Group's areas of expertise include cloud, SD-WAN, security, Fortinet, networks, IT, data center, and hybrid cloud.

PARC Invests in NEXION Group

The company's strategy since listing has been to aggressively grow through innovation, organic growth, and acquisitions. PARC's investment in NEXION will assist NEXION with the financial resources necessary to execute its growth plans and add value to the business and shareholders, the company said.

The investment allows the company to strengthen existing capabilities while continuing its strategic growth path. The initial drawdown from PARC will assist with planned acquisitions in New Zealand while providing ongoing support for NEXION's future M&A activity, the companies said.

It will also add discipline to decision-making and reporting as well as help deals be completed faster, the companies said.

Peter Christie, executive chairman and interim group CEO of NEXION, commented on the news:

"PARC stood out as the perfect partner for our M&A program. They understand the technology industry, how it operates, how to value acquisitions and where to look for risks. This deep understanding makes working with them in technology M&A highly productive and I'm looking forward to making rapid progress now we have this facility in place."

About the Companies

PARC is an experienced funder in the technology industry, with multiple acquisitions already funded in the IT sector, the company said. The firm's recent $150 million deal with Macquarie Capital to help fund cybersecurity provider Orro Group is evidence of its expertise in the field.

NEXION offers network, compute, security, and data storage solutions and specializes in whole-of-enterprise IT sector since its public listing in 2021.