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Deltek Professional Services Automation: New Cloud PSA Option for IT Consulting Firms?

Despite all the talk about automation and artificial intelligence, people rank among the greatest assets for a successful managed services provider. Talent often sets one MSP apart from another when they both offer similar services. Managing your employee assets well can almost guarantee success in your business. In order to keep employees happy they need to have a few things.

First, employees need to enjoy their job. As the old saying goes, "If you love your job, you will never work a day in your life." Loving the tasks you are assigned and the projects you are in charge of can maintain satisfaction with the job. Of course, not everyone will love every aspect of their job, but if the majority of the time they are allowed to work on things that bring them joy, they will be content.

Second, working together should be a pleasure. Teams should enjoy each others company, and they should be able to delegate and accept responsibilities within their fields of expertise easily.

Don't Forget the Software

Third, employees need to enjoy using programs and equipment to complete their tasks. Employees are miserable when the software they deal with on a daily basis is not functioning properly, is difficult to use, or is slow and outdated.

With those goals and challenges in mind, Deltek thinks it can solve that software need while also improving the collaboration- and talent-oriented items I mentioned above. The company recently announced a new solution for consulting firms called Deltek for Professional Services. The cloud-based platform includes PSA, CRM, resource & project management, time & expense and billing, and more. Deltek claims this new solution has been built from the ground up for the way modern workplaces do business.

Deltek wants to keep your team focused on what matters most – managing your people and projects while improving productivity, efficiency, and profitability. The company also claims that with consolidated data and one source of information (from opportunity to planning to delivery), MSPs will save time by reducing duplicate data entry and manual processes.

Potential Customers

Deltek for Professional Services, according to the company, is:

  • Specific to the Consulting Industry – It can be tailored for Consulting firms with terminology and processes Consulting teams will easily understand. DPS aligns with current firm business processes, making user adoption easier and faster, the company asserts.
  • Purpose Built – Deltek for Professional Services was designed for the needs of every firm employee to be able to manage their part of the engagement. For Executives, this solution gives them an at-a-glance look into the health of their business; for Consultants and Engagement Managers, it gives them a single view of what the critical needs are right now; for Resource Managers, this solution allows them to schedule the right people on the right engagements; and for Controllers and Finance leaders, it gives them one version of the truth and one system to help them manage their responsibilities, the company claims.
  • Engagement Centric – Designed with the engagement at the center of everything, Deltek for Professional Services includes budgeting, resource management, the general ledger and invoicing, ensuring Consulting firms have visibility and control so that every engagement is on time and profitable, the company says.
  • People Focused – DPS helps to prevent burnout, increase employee satisfaction and create a culture in which employees want to build their careers, the company says. Admittedly, those are lofty claims at a time when millennials are changing jobs faster than previous generations.

Deltek isn't new to the software market. The company's PSA and ERP offerings are deployed in 22,000 organizations across 80 countries, according to Deltek. Although the company doesn't specifically target MSPs, Deltek appears to have a following among management and IT consulting firms.