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BCM Receives Private Equity, Acquires SIPtrunk

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New York City-based managed IT solutions provider BCM One has recapitalized its business and acquired Siptrunk/ (SIP).

St. Louis, Missouri-based private equity firm Thompson Street Capital Partners (TSCP) partnered with BCM One’s management to recapitalize the company for an undisclosed amount.

Meanwhile, SIP will become part of the BCM One entity, expanding the firm’s presence in the fast-growing SIP-enabled voice sector.

SIP’s Voice Technology

Alpharetta, Georgia-based SIP specializes in (and has named itself after) the Session Initiation Protocol technology. This protocol is used to initiate, maintain, and terminate real-time sessions including voice, video, and messaging applications.

Essentially, the technology is what makes VoIP communications possible. But the most pivotal part of the SIP technology is that it cuts down communication costs because calls between SIP users are free around the world.

The company SIP offers a fully automated solution designed to help customers migrate businesses to the new voice solution.

Boardroom Updates

The addition of SIP to the BCM One fold will enhance its ability to deliver fully managed technology solutions, the company said. BCM One currently serves more than 6,000 customers across all verticals.

Frank Ahearn and John Cunningham, who co-founded BCM One 25 years ago, will serve as board members going forward. Jay Monaghan, former partner and president of BCM One, will take on an observatory role on the board of directors. Former COO Geoff Bloss has become CEO while Mark Amick from SIPTRUNK/SIP.US, will remain as the Chief Operating Officer of the SIP solution set and will be based in Georgia.

BCM One will continue to operate out of its headquarters in Manhattan, while SIPTRUNK/SIP.US will operate under the BCM One entity, the company said.

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