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Top 10 Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Predictions for 2016

Welcome to our latest ChannelE2E Top 10 Predictions for 2016. Today, we tackle our Top 10 Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Predictions for 2016. (Hmmm... you already knew that from the headline. But can you blame us for emphasizing the focus specifically for SEO?

Now, onto the list…

12. Heard About This One?: NinjaMSP, founded by veterans of PacketTrap, AnchorWorks, Dell and SonicWall...

LinkedIn: Dave Powell, CRO, Corsica
David Powell

11. Managing DevOps: This is a bonus addition to the list because folks like TekLinks VP David Powell are already thinking ahead... pinpointing ways to remotely assist customers' DevOps needs both on-premises and out in the cloud.

10. Standalone RMM Will Die: Wait a minute... We predicted that in 2013 or so. But it's actually true. Unless the standalone RMM platform fills a specific niche outside of traditional server, PC and mobile maintenance, the standalone option won't be around for much longer.

9. Midmarket Enterprise Customers: Some RMM providers, faced with limited channel growth, will pivot to sell RMM software directly toward midmarket customers. It's back to the future, since we've all heard this story before. The big question:  Which RMM provider will pursue this somewhat forbidden fruit in 2016?

Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola

8. Kaseya Will Make Acquisitions: In fact, they may happen before 2016 arrives, according to clues from CEO Fred Voccola.

7. Network-level Capabilities Will Rise: Many RMM providers have been trying to improve their network-level RMM capabilities. And some upstarts, such as Auvik Networks, will focus specifically on the network layer. MSPs will try to optimize network traffic flow as "anywhere, anytime" users seek to access workloads that run on-premises or out in the cloud.

6. Cloud-focused RMM Will Shift: Channel partners will extend beyond managing Office 365 and Google Apps for Work (basic SaaS stuff), and they'll move toward IaaS management of workloads on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

5. Specific RMM Tools Will Grow In Specific MSP Segments: A few examples include LogicNow and Continuum in SMB; LogicMonitor in the midmarket; and SolarWinds N-able in midmarket potentially moving toward the enterprise as more N-able/SolarWinds integrations emerge.

Matt Nachtrab

4. Matt Nachtrab's Role Will Become Clearer to Company Outsiders: The former LabTech Software CEO is now president and COO at parent ConnectWise. It's part of a larger ConnectWise reorganization that rolled out in mid-2015 and surfaced publicly in November 2015. And all that is part of a larger long-term plan...

3. RMM and Big Data: Early movers like LogicNow LogicCards will face real competitors and pseudo competitors that don't quite understand big data and machine learning yet.

Gary Pica, CEO, TruMethods

2. RMM Pricing Models Revisited: Like Lynyrd Skynyrd playing Freebird as a concert encore, TruMethods' Gary Pica will take to the stage at IT Nation 2016 and describe how to figure out your overall costs (including RMM) to set your per-user pricing. About 10 percent of the room will master Pica's great advice, which always has a new wrinkle based on evolving MSP services. The other 90 percent will return to work, get distracted for a few months, and return for Pica's encore and fresh advice at IT Nation 2017.

1. Application Performance Management Will Boom: Emerging players like AppDynamics, NewRelic and freshly funded Ops Clarity will attract VARs and MSPs that want to proactively manage and optimize customers' mission critical applications. Some of the APM tool vendors will die since it's a high growth, high risk market. But memo to MSPs and VARs:  Get to the application layer and add value there.

Bonus: The most effective MSPs won't worry about point tools. Instead, they'll take a holistic look at their customers needs, and then figure out how to best address those needs in the most automated way.

Note: ChannelE2E is running 2016 technology predictions throughout the month of December 2016. Submit predictionsfor consideration to [email protected]. Read all daily predictions here.

Joe Panettieri

Joe Panettieri is co-founder & editorial director of MSSP Alert and ChannelE2E, the two leading news & analysis sites for managed service providers in the cybersecurity market.