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Mailprotector, makers of Bracket encryption, empowers MSPs with a full arsenal of managed email security, management and hosting services sold exclusively through the channel. As a trusted source for innovative and user-friendly email products and services for over 15 years, Mailprotector has proven to be a loyal partner and vital asset to resellers around the world.

Product Overview

Consolidate your email services into one offering through a single vendor with our extensive line of cloud-based products. From spam filtering to innovative encryption, Mailprotector lets you provision your customers with all the features they need.

  • CloudFilter – Protect your users around the clock with CloudFilter™ email security. CloudFilter effectively stops spam, viruses, & malware in the cloud. Suspicious messages are held for review, while good email is delivered to the end user.
  • SafeSend – SafeSend™ adds extra layers of security to your outbound email. Filter outbound email traffic with policies you define and prevent spam proliferation and safeguard your important or sensitive data from being leaked via email.
  • Bracket – Bracket™ makes life easier for your customers with user-friendly encrypted email that works in any email client with no plugins or apps required. To encrypt a message, just wrap brackets around the [subject] and Bracket handles the rest.
  • XtraMail – Xtramail™ provides seamless email continuity with an affordable, always on, backup solution. When your main email servers are down, your customers can simply login to XtraMail and continue to send and receive from their normal address.
  • SecureStore – SecureStore™ keeps your customers legally compliment by archiving a copy of all incoming, outgoing, and internal email. with no limits on storage or retention. Users, admins, and delegated managers can conveniently access the web app to search and send stored mail.
  • CloudMail – CloudMail™ gives you an affordable, yet robust email hosting platform which includes contacts and calendars, a large inbox, and access from anywhere via our secure webmail access or from any email client that supports POP3/SMTP syncing.
  • Exchange+ – Exchange + serves up Exchange 2016 that’s seamlessly integrated with our full suite of email security and management products. Exchange + enables the workplace of today to collaborate quickly and effortlessly secure vital communications in and out of the organization.


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