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VMworld Europe 2019: VMware Cloud on AWS for MSPs Gets Real

VMware is taking major steps to prove it's fully committed to MSPs (managed IT services providers) in the public cloud market. Indeed, MSP-centric product details involving Amazon Web Services (AWS) and plenty more have surfaced at VMware's VMworld Europe 2019 conference in Barcelona.

Here's a live blog (well, nearly live since we're at Cisco Partner Summit 2019 in Las Vegas) recapping the VMworld Europe news from CEO Pat Gelsinger and the executive team...

1. MSPs - VMware Cloud on AWS: A multi-tenant version of VMware Cloud Director Service allows MSPs to more effectively manage VMware Cloud on AWS, the software company asserts. Impressive. But long-time MSPs are likely wondering why this capability wasn't baked into the original VMware Cloud on AWS release. Multi-tenancy is a table stake in the world of MSPs -- from small businesses up to enterprises.

2. VMware Cloud for AWS - Regional Expansion: VMware Cloud on AWS is launching to the AWS EU (Stockholm) region. The VMware-AWS services are now available in five European regions and 17 regions worldwide.

3. VMware for Microsoft Azure: New nightlights of the relationship, according to VMware's exact words, include:

  • A new combined solution featuring VMware Workspace ONE and Microsoft Endpoint Manager to accelerate Windows 10 modern management;
  • Further global expansion of the Azure VMware Solutions hybrid cloud service, with new advanced cloud migration capabilities delivered through VMware HCX;
  • Certification and support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019 on VMware vSphere running in customer data centers;
  • An intent to collaborate to deliver the best customer experience for Azure Data Services on VMware cloud infrastructure; and,
  • Extension of Azure to branch and edge environments with VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud.

Gentle reminder: The bullets above are straight from VMware, and we haven't vetted the assertions.

4. Telco Cloud Services: VMware unveiled Project Maestro, a telco cloud orchestrator that helps communication service providers accelerate "multi-cloud operational agility.

5. VMware Security Strategy: The details are right here. The highlights -- in VMware's own words -- include:

  • Dell will make Carbon Black Cloud, along with Dell Trusted Devices and Secureworks, the preferred endpoint security solution for Dell commercial customers.
  • New VMware NSX Distributed Intrusion Detection and Prevention.
  • New VMware NSX Federation for consistent, centralized network and security policy configuration and management for large-scale NSX deployments
  • Enhanced VMware SD-WAN branch firewall performance, flexibility and usability features
  • VMware Secure State updates that reduce public cloud risk and improve security posture
  • A new Zero-Trust security architecture for the digital workspace

Again, the bullet point list above is straight from VMware. Your mileage may vary.

6. VMware SD-WAN Strategy: Details are here.

7. Simplified employee onboarding: VMware Workspace ONE enhancements allow IT departments and HR teams to "accelerate new hire time to productivity," the company asserts. The IT department and corporate compliance organization also mitigate risk through so-called "end-to-end zero trust access control and privacy." More details surfaced in this blog.

8. Containers and Application Development: VMware is beta testing Project Pacific and VMware Tanzu Mission Control. The effort coupled with a new competency will enable partners to architect a Kubernetes-based platform with new VMware Master Services Competency.

9. Got VMworld news to share?: Email me the details - [email protected].

Joe Panettieri

Joe Panettieri is co-founder & editorial director of MSSP Alert and ChannelE2E, the two leading news & analysis sites for managed service providers in the cybersecurity market.