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ThousandEyes Launches Multi-Cloud Network Intelligence for AWS, Azure, Google

In a recent survey conducted by ThousandEyes at the Cisco Live conference in Orlando, roughly 32 percent of respondents reported a strategic multi-cloud initiative at their companies, and 28 percent already identified as multi-cloud users.

Instead of choosing a single IaaS provider like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform, Gartner reports that "a strategy comprising multiple IaaS and PaaS providers will become the common approach for 80 percent of enterprises by 2019, up from less than 10 percent in 2015,"

Multi-Cloud Network Visibility, Intelligence

Amid that forecast, ThousandEyes has unveiled multi-cloud network intelligence capabilities for partners and customers. Those organizations, the company says, can measure and visualize application and network-layer performance metrics on a cloud-to-cloud, Internet-to-cloud and inter-region basis.

In a blog post detailing how the new offering works, Technical Marketing Manager Ameet Naik describes how the intelligence coverage has expanded to include cloud agents in 15 AWS regions15 Google Cloud regions and 25 Microsoft Azure regions.

Customers can now configure Agent-to-Agent tests between Cloud Agents, he says. Previously, Agent-to-Agent tests required an Enterprise Agent on at least one end of the test.

Multi-cloud monitoring has been a hot market lately. A diverse mix of vendors -- including names like Blue Medora, Nutanix, and Deloitte -- have made key moves in the sector recently.