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Tech Data Expands Internet of Things (IoT) Offerings, Partners at Cisco Live

Internet of Things (IoT) technology is expanding into all areas of our homes, neighborhoods, and businesses. More and more companies are seeing and experiencing the improved efficiencies and insight that the volume of data provided by IoT devices is providing. Companies that are capitalizing on this trend are seeing a lot of success in the field. The IoT revolution is clearly the next big thing in technology and we will continue to see all kinds of businesses expand into, or further into IoT where they see opportunities.

This trend is evidenced by Tech Data Corporation's latest announcement that they are partnering with several companies to expand their own Smart IoT and Analytics Solutions Practice in the Americas. Currently, the company offers partners one-on-one consultations and end-to-end IoT design services. Tech Data’s portfolio of IT and operational technology vendors enable its Smart IoT and Analytics team to function as a full-service IoT and analytics solutions aggregator, the company states.

Tech Data Partnerships and Agreements

First among the announced partnerships was with Quantela Inc., to offer a solution to deploy and manage partner's customers’ smart-city solutions through the use of the Cisco Smart+Connected Digital Platform, Cisco’s service for creating a smart city framework. Many cities are starting to look for smart solutions related to traffic, security, street lighting and parking services. Using Quantela's cloud-based remote services platform, Tech Data can deliver those functions to cities which could improve efficiency and reduce costs for delivery of urban services.

Tech Data also announced a distribution agreement with iValu8, which provides solutions to help businesses drive customer acquisition, traffic and intelligence through social and digital marketing solutions in retail and hospitality. Tech Data will use VivaSpot Intelligent WiFi, a turnkey automated digital marketing solution for both consumers and businesses of all sizes. These services are offered directly to business customers through Tech Data’s partner program, expanding Tech Data's digital retail solutions, which will leverage Cisco Meraki devices with iValu8 software.

Lastly, Tech Data announced that it has formalized a distribution partnership with Molex, for Transcend Network Connected Lighting solutions, delivering Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting solutions through the channel. Through this partnership, Tech Data resellers now have access to the new Cisco Catalyst Digital Building Series Switch solutions, in addition to the connected lighting solutions from Molex.

During the Cisco Live event in Las Vegas, Tech Data also unveiled its Smart IoT Scale Model, which showcases how IoT and analytics solutions can drive business outcomes, as well as how connected things provide value in specific vertical-industry settings. The company seems to be doubling down on it's IoT offering, and with the IoT trend rising, it could definitely pay off for them.