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SolarWinds MSP Rebranding As N-able Amid Spin-Out Plan

John Pagliuca, president, SolarWinds MSP
John Pagliuca, president, SolarWinds MSP

SolarWinds MSP will rebrand as N-able as part of a potential spin-out from parent company SolarWinds ($SWI). The N-able name -- reborn from a well-known 2013 acquisition -- surfaced in a note from SolarWinds MSP President John Pagliuca to partners.

SolarWinds first announced the potential MSP software business spin-off in August 2020. Fast forward to present day, and Pagliuca states:

"As we continue to explore the potential spin-off, we have some exciting news to share. We’ve chosen a new name, and I’m excited to tell you that we will be called N-able. This name may sound familiar, as N-able extends the roots of who we are as a company. It’s all about the performance, protection, and partnership you need to power your clients—and your business—forward. Additionally, we confidentially submitted a Form 10 with the SEC on December 4, 2020, regarding the potential spin-off."

SolarWinds MSP Becoming N-able: Familiar Name Returns

The N-able name has instant brand recognition in the MSP industry. SolarWinds acquired N-able -- maker of the N-central software platform -- for $120 million in May 2013. It was one of the first major RMM (remote monitoring and management) software acquisitions in the MSP industry. (A few years earlier, Kaseya was acquired by private equity, and ConnectWise had acquired LabTech -- now branded as ConnectWise Automate).

SolarWinds MSP will essentially re-embrace the N-able name as part of the potential spin-out from SolarWinds.

The potential spin-out and rebranding comes at an especially critical time for Solarwinds MSP. Now known as N-able, the business is striving to distance itself from the recently disclosed SolarWinds Orion security incidents -- which did not involve the MSP software business.

Also of note: As part of the potential spin-out, SolarWinds MSP was quietly floating and exploring the N-able name internally -- long before the Orion incident. ChannelE2E had heard the rumored name before Thanksgiving.

SolarWinds Orion Security Incidents: No Connection to SolarWinds MSP, N-able

Drawing a clear line between Solarwinds corporate and the SolarWinds MSP business (to be called N-able), Pagliuca writes:

  • We have a separate and distinct executive leadership team.
  • We have independent technical support, partner success, and sales teams, who provide resources and best practices specifically designed to help you best protect and serve your customers.
  • Our product and R&D teams have their own leadership, standalone roadmaps, and separate repositories and build environments.

Referring to the Orion Platform security incidents, Pagliuca added:

"I am committed to communicating with you early and often, and as of now, there is no new news based on our investigations—SolarWinds MSP products were not impacted. For the latest information, please visit"

Meanwhile, a SolarWinds CEO transition from Kevin Thompson to Sudhakar Ramakrishna is scheduled for January 4, 2021. Pagliuca will continue to lead Solarwinds MSP/N-able.

Joe Panettieri

Joe Panettieri is co-founder & editorial director of MSSP Alert and ChannelE2E, the two leading news & analysis sites for managed service providers in the cybersecurity market.