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SLINGRbot Promotes Slack, Autotask Integration for Team Communications

The right communication tools are essential for successful interactions within the company, and even outside of the company. Amid that reality, Slack has gained tremendous popularity over the last few years. As more companies continue to choose Slack as their preferred method of communication, third-party tools are looking to integrate with the platform.

That's even true in the MSP-centric market, where SLINGR's SLINGRbot has been promoting Slack integrations with PSA platforms. We mentioned a few months ago that SLINGRbot does, in fact, work well with Autotask. Fast forward to present day and we have a little more insight on how Slack and Autotask integrate, thanks to SLINGRbot.

Indeed, features of SLINGRbot for Autotask include:

  • Slack channels can be assigned to accounts and/or projects.
  • When a new account or project is created in Autotask a new channel is automatically created in Slack.
  • Retrieve detailed account and project info from Autotask directly within Slack.
  • Link and unlink channels to accounts and projects.
  • Create tickets associated with projects and/or accounts from inside Slack.
  • Add notes to ticket numbers and choose to make them internal or public from within Slack.
  • Reassign ticket numbers inside Slack.
  • Retrieve a list of all open tickets.
  • Retrieve detailed ticket information.

A communication tool should give you the information you need, and allow you to communicate with the people you need to reach. When a platform gets cluttered with too many notifications, too many rooms, and too much noise it no longer becomes helpful and becomes a burden.

To combat all that potential noise,SLINGRbot for Autotask creates new channels automatically for new accounts or projects. This way, only the people who need to know about those specific clients or projects are in the know, and the rest of the company is blissfully ignorant.

Many of the features listed above are extremely helpful to prevent time wasting app switching. When you can perform all of the necessary tasks right from within the application you already use, it can save you precious time.