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ServiceNow MSP, Partner YJT Rebrands as Entara

YJT Solutions, a managed IT services provider (MSP) and key ServiceNow partner, has rebranded as Entara and introduced the tagline: “The Smarter Way Forward, Today, Tomorrow and Beyond.”

The new corporate brand and tagline reflect the MSP’s commitment to fully support their clients’ IT journeys from today into the future, Entara says.

On the technology front, Entara now offers a fully-managed, pre-built, customizable ServiceNow platform with automated integrations to other leading toolsets, the company says. ServiceNow is a popular IT service management, customer support, HR and security operations platform within midmarket and enterprise accounts.

The company began operations 17 years ago with the mandate of ensuring IT uptime to the electronic trading sector.

Constant Evolution

Still, Entara CEO Linda Maclachlan emphasizes continual change -- for her company and Entara's clientele.

Entara CEO Linda Maclachlan

Maclachlan asserts:

“The IT world has changed, and change is only accelerating. Companies need a partner to help them see around the corner to what’s coming, and then to lay out the progression of logical steps to get to their best future. They need a future-facing, executable roadmap now more than ever.”

The new corporate name is a combination of the historically significant “Hill of Tara” in Ireland and the star Antares, one of the brightest stars in the sky, according to Maclachlan. “In both ways, we created Entara to provide our customers with that high-perch view of IT needs that must get addressed today, what we know are the IT realities of tomorrow, and finally, a clearly-illuminated view of the future we’re all heading toward,” she explained.

ServiceNow Partnership

The name change comes with a doubling-down on the company’s ServiceNow platform. According to the chief executive, Entara will offer a fully-managed, pre-built but customizable ServiceNow platform that can be leveraged as a single system of engagement with automated integrations to other leading toolsets.

ServiceNow is one of the largest and fastest-growing IT service management (ITSM) platforms in the market. The company has been working with global systems integrators and large to midmarket MSPs. CareWorx, for example, recently launched its own custom ServiceNow solution for midmarket businesses.

More recently, ServiceNow has extended its platform for HR, security operations and customer support departments.

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