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ServiceNow, Nerdio Support Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PCs


ServiceNow and Nerdio are among the first IT service management (ITSM) and MSP-centric software companies to support Microsoft Windows 365 -- which essentially delivers Windows 10 or Windows 11 as a cloud service. The ServiceNow and Nerdio support may provide clues about how MSPs can potentially orchestrate, manage and monetize Windows 365 cloud services.

Windows 365, set to launch on August 2, will allow customers to stream Windows, applications data, and settings to PCs. Windows 365 pricing was not disclosed.

Windows 365, Cybersecurity and Ransomware: Among the other big question marks to consider: Will Windows 365's cloud-based design either mitigate or eliminate many of the desktop Windows-related security threats that MSPs and end-customers are facing -- particularly ransomware attacks? We're checking for answers.

How ServiceNow and Nerdio Will Assist MSPs With Windows 365

Among the developments already announced: ServiceNow plans to integrate with the Windows 365 cloud service. Joint customers will be able to request and receive Cloud PCs directly through Microsoft Teams. The integration leverages ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) and Virtual Agent to integrate workflows through Microsoft Teams, ServiceNow says.

Meanwhile, Nerdio Manager for MSP and Nerdio Manager for Enterprise (formerly known as NerdioManager for Windows Virtual Desktop) are expanding to allow users to choose between Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365.

With Nerdio’s publicly available cost estimator tool, users can determine which desktop virtualization model makes the most sense for their specific use case based on price and functionality, the company says.

Nerdio's Windows 365 support is particularly important for MSPs. Ahead of the Windows 365 announcement, Nerdio in some ways emerged as the go-to partner for MSPs that want to deploy, manage and monetize Windows virtual desktops.

MSPs, RMM Software and Microsoft Windows 365 Support

Curiously, major RMM (remote monitoring and management) software companies in the MSP market have not yet announced support for Windows 365 -- though news of the cloud operating system is only 24 hours old.

It's a safe bet that RMM support for Windows 365 announcements are coming. N-able, in particular, has aggressively promoted Microsoft Intune integrations in recent months. Extending that integration to Windows 365 appears to be a natural next step for N-able and other RMM software providers.

Additional companies in the RMM market to watch include...

Stay tuned to ChannelE2E for potential RMM-related announcements involving Windows 365.

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