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MSSP Alert Live 2022 Conference Preview: How MSPs Can Defend Against the Top 5 Cyberattacks

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Andrew Morgan, founder, Right of Boom
Andrew Morgan, founder, The CyberCall and Right of Boom

As an MSP, you can't possibly stop every cyberattack. But you can leverage a practical game plan and the right security controls to safeguard your business -- and SMB customer assets -- from the Top Five Cyberattacks.

What are those Top Five Cyberattacks -- and how can MSPs defend against them? The answers will surface during MSSP Alert Live, a managed security services conference for MSPs and MSSPs (September 19-21, Washington, D.C.).

For this particular session, you'll hear from two true cyber pros:

  • Phyllis Lee, senior director for Critical Security Controls at the Center for Internet Security (CIS).
  • Andrew Morgan, founder of The CyberCall & Right of Boom

During this main-stage session, Lee and Morgan will cover:

  • The top five attacks, how to defend against them and common mistakes organizations make when building their security program.
  • The foundational security controls & safeguards every business entity should implement to defend against the top attacks.
  • How your MSP can build a security stack around the CIS Critical Security Controls, to keep both your company & your clients secure.
  • How adopting a security framework can help you increase your security posture by finding efficiencies for scaling and aligning security controls across certifications and regulations.

For the real-time cyber guidance from Lee and Morgan, join us at MSSP Alert Live 2022 in September. And if you have questions for the duo, please email ChannelE2E and MSSP Alert Editorial Director Joe Panettieri.